Thursday, November 29, 2007

#3 - Civil Liberties and the Free Market

Hey Guys,

In a very interesting blog post from about how the government wants to violate the privacy (a civil liberty) of Americans and force Amazon and Google to give up records yet these companies fight back. While it's great to see that companies protect our civil liberties it just goes to show you that our rights can be protected in a small government, free market society.

The growing government is gaining power and excising it and not only violating our civil liberties and the constitution but the sovereignty of other nations. Do your self and favor and learn about Ron Paul and help put the USA back on course.

- Alex Merced

P.S. It was sad to see in the CNN post debate coverage a audience member said "I like John Pauls view on the Constitutions" it is sad when people think there are multiple constitutions. Educate yourself people, the government sucks at doing it for you.

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