Thursday, January 31, 2008

#105 - The Bottom Line About Ron Paul

The bottom line after super Tuesday for the Ron Paul campaign will be the grassroots ability to have Ron Paul delegates organized in EVERY STATE. These efforts were those of last year and hopefully it went well so when we go to the GOP convention even if Mccain or Romney won enough delegates to avoid a brokered convention our delegates can:

1) Vote on the platform on the Republican party returning it to constitutional values

2) Vote to unbound the delegates so that all these delegates can vote for who they want and not who their respective states had bound them to

This is why knowing the process is important, and we have been working to get our people in those delegates spots for awhile. So, all those people from states that had already voted are wondering, what do I do now?

1) Mail your left over Ron Paul materials to an upcoming state

2) Work with your local meet-up groups and peers to put together a slate of congressional and senate candidates for your state and get them elected

3) Join the online grassroots @, and the Liberty Independence Alliance.

4) Create informational websites like Mine (sign up for the mailing list), and organize local conventions and workshops to educate people on the principles of liberty.

5) Promote Ron Pauls new book "Revolution: A Manifesto"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

#104 - Dismantling the Government

People argue that the government needs to fix your problems... does anybody else get super scared like me when too much power is concentrated in one place. I mean I recently made a podcast talking about this topic. I mean it's like a nuclear bomb, a huge concentration of power that can be used for good and bad, but much easier for bad.

Bush had one of the most corrupt, inept administrations I think in US history rivaling Woodrow Wilson for most egregious long term destruction of the US economy. I thank my lucky stars that the government wasn't more powerful when he was in office at the thought of what more damage he could of done. Now the people on the left want to give more power to the government?

Don't they realize even if all their big central government altruism would prove to work against all sound economic principles and logic, that it would be inevitable that another lackluster Bush like person would ascend to the presidency someday. What will happen then?

This is why I can only sleep at night by supporting Ron Paul, he's the only man running for office not cause he thin he can run the country better but cause he thinks the PEOPLE can run the country better. Localized decision making will make people happier, and be much more efficient. People are empowered and generally more optimistic when they feel their voice is heard in the democratic process.

Do you feel your voice is heard more in a town meeting of you local peers, or heard by the assumptions of those elected to go to Washington DC and make decisions for millions of people. Think about it?

I don't want to join congress to have power, but to dismantle our growing central government and restore the power to the people of this nation to fix their problems promptly instead of waiting years for miracles at the federal level.

Monday, January 28, 2008

#103 - Boycott MTV Ron Paul Exlcusion

Ron Paul has been excluded from this Myspace/MTV event, now it's time to start the boycott against Rupert Murdoch in full effect. FoxNEWS/MTV/Myspace and their sponsers must be boycotted.

- Call your local cable provider demand them to remove these channels or cancel your service
- Sell any stock you have in Fox
- Call their sponsers and demand they pull their sponsership

Join the in order to express you disgust

Ron Paul has more gross votes that Giuliani who HAS been invited, this is an outrage. Ron Paul has gotten 2nd place in two state, Giuliani hasn't done better than 4th. This is an Outrage.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

#102 - Protecting Americas Future

Protecting Americas Future

by Alex Merced

As a concerned American we must learn from the past and look to the future to avoid past mistakes and embrace future triumphs. In order to improve the future of this nation, we must look to the next generation. The children who are here now and the ones that are to come, have by ours and previous generations seen their opportunities and liberties stolen from a government with no regard for the constitution and the ideals of freedom this country was founded on.

Our children our losing out to a quality education as the bureaucracy known as the Department of Education continues to eat tax dollars that can go to helping improve schools on the state level. Our children are losing jobs due to government intervention in the economy. Our children are losing their lives due to a disregard of life before birth and disregard for the lives of Americas bravest men and women in sending them to intervene in the internal conflicts of other nations.

If we can work together to get the voices we need in the congress and the senate to shrink government size and spending, we can make some significant changes, primarily that of ending the IRS. Can we end the IRS overnight? No. It will take years of fighting for lower spending from the government and against inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve in order to get to the level needed to safely remove the IRS. Although, this is the goal we must focus on even if it can't be overnight we must not lose sight of the ideals of this nation.

Of course when we lower taxes and get rid of the IRS, this would free up the funds of the citizens to do things like afford to send their kids to private schools or home school, or work with their state legislature to improve their public and charter schools. Funds can't fix our education system alone, we must return authority back to the parents and end the department of education. Only then can schools be accountable to the taxpayers who fund them, and to the states in which they reside.

An education fuels many things, the ability for our children to be creative and see new ways to use the freedom this great nation strives for. Education gives our children to innovate and analyze the world around them to shape and change the dialog in all respects. Without these critical skills it limits the opportunities available to our children but so does a shrinking job market due to bad economic policy. Regulation raises the barriers of entry for small businesses giving the major corporations more control over the markets raising the prices and limiting the potential for new jobs. The welfare state steals the hard earned funds from tax payers to subsidize others, who should be helped but by voluntary and charitable means. The welfare state saps the funds of government which then in turns raises taxes which decreases job market increasing the lower class in a vicious cycle of despair.

In order to increase the opportunities for our children in ever expanding global market, we need to increase our trade and diplomatic relationships with other nation. Although, we should not participate in treaties and alliances which forces our nation into resolution and puts our citizens lives at risk for causes that don't serve our best interest. Our loyalty is to our nation and what it stand for, not to our currently inflated government, and not to the government of other nations. With expanding trade we bring jobs to our nation, and by staying out of the internal affairs of other nations we bring our nation more friends around the world. The power of peace and friendship is not lost, but it must be revitalized to improve the America of tomorrow.

Education, the economy, foreign policy and every issues that crosses the mind of our citizens shapes the future of this nation and future of it's children. We must not lose sight of the American Dream, we make sure those to come will have just as much if not more opportunity to dream of better tomorrow as each and every one of us.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

#101 - A Strategy of Peace

A Strategy of Peace

by Alex Merced

Senator John Mccain was heavily criticized by conservatives for his opposition to the Rumsfeld strategy in Iraq, and Congressman Ron Paul was also criticized for wanting to return to a Non-Interventionist foreign policy. I put myself forth for the same criticisms when I say I agree with Ron Paul in his views on foreign policy. This is why I am compelled to write this essay to address what I feel is the right strategy in promoting democracy and undermining the terrorist threat, a strategy of peace. A strategy of peace, as endorsed by our constitution and our founding fathers can bring us the security we are fighting for.

Many feel such a strategy is to abandon the middle east and the let the terrorists thrive, but I would contest this. We all agree that it is everyones best interest to see sustainable democratic governments in the middle east. To create a sustainable government you can't use military force to remove a previous government and protect a new one or you create an unsustainable democracy. We're seeing this happen in Afghanistan now as the Taliban have begun to reform and contest the Karzai government. Sustainable democracies are created by the citizens of the state modeling after nations they aspire too. We must aim to be this nation they aspire to be, and we must do this focusing on domestic issues and our citizens. A strong domestic policy will create the environments and the motivation for democracy to spread.

So, we can save the money to handle our domestic issues and spread democracy by example through cutting overseas spending, but this still leaves the question on how do we fight the terrorist organizations without military action? This is a question that's answered by one reality, without resources and supporters no organization can last. This is why a constitutional strategy of peace can go the distance in the battle against terrorism.

How? First we must understand the two elements of the foundation of any organization, it's resources and supporters. We all know that most the resources for terrorist organizations come from middle east oil, opium sales, and the corrupt funneling of foreign aid. Ron Paul is the only conservative running for president who is strong on cutting off the terrorists funding through many means. By ending the subsidies to oil through military aid the true market prices will push the market away from oil consumption which will mean less oil revenues trickling down to terrorist organizations. Putting an end to the war on drugs would kill the underground drug economy which fuels local gangs, drug cartels, and terrorist organizations. By ending foreign aid to all nations we avoid American tax dollars from funneling to extremist groups.

After cutting off the financial resources to the terrorists their ability to recruit will diminish, but we must understand why people join these organizations. To brush it off as simply, they hate America, is a gross generalization that threatens our security. Anyone who knows anything about behavior, knows you can't change a behavior without understanding what drives it. Yes, terrorist leaders are extremist with a long history of hostility towards America but is this what convinces people to join their cause? Why do their ranks grow faster whenever we take action in their nations? Cause it lends credence to the claims of terrorist leaders and when you live in a hopeless environment of endless conflict it's easy to fall prey to an ideology of extremism which has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with desperation.

By fueling this endless destruction and conflict through military means we lend credibility to our enemy with the blood of our bravest. We must destroy the credibility of our enemy by taking the high road, by being viewed as a land that cares for it's people and not the country that bombs a nation for years killing civilians. If China in fear of our WMD's bombed the US and killed your children or your parents, I am sure you would be in an emotional state to lashout in extreme measures against them. We must end this motivating factor to the behavior that threatens us.

It's a very small minority who lashout in these extreme organizations, but we can't let them grow by our actions and take the actions to undermine their resources and recruitment. We must bring back our funds from overseas to repair our domestic struggles and return to being a beacon of what a country can be, so others can aspire to be like us. You may criticize my conservatism for willing to stand up against party sentiments, but I rather be criticized than feel that I have done nothing to change the policies that undermine our domestic and foreign welfare. True conservatism has always been a strict adherence to the constitution and a moral conviction to keep this nation on the moral high ground. You may not agree with me now, but I ask you to keep my words in your minds as we face our current struggles as a nation, with a strategy of peace.

Monday, January 21, 2008

#100 - Ending Poverty?

Here I am watching the democratic debate and hearing them talk about ending poverty. It just goes to show me my days on the left were so misguided, when I hear unrealistic talk like this that fills people in desperate need with hope with unreal and high expectations for tomorrow. I'm glad I've changed and embraced the constitution, liberty, and free market economics.

In a great nation with a sound economy, poverty will still exist due to small group of people who are unable to be productive or choose to not to be productive in society. In a sound economy, the number of those in poverty would be minimal and small enough that non-profit and charitable organizations can lend them a hand. The problem is, due to having a weakening economy, a weakening currency, and an inflating government the number of those in poverty has swelled beyond the numbers that these entities can handle.

In conditions like these it's natural for those suffering to ask government for help, not realizing it's government that has shaped the environment for such conditions destructing the natural order. It's only through having empathy for our struggling brethren and embracing our differences and attempting to educate them on the reality of the growing level of poverty due to government intervention that we can create the coalition to create the change we need.

So as long as we keep the economic environment unstable and unhealthy with government intervention like a FIAT money supply, a welfare state, regulations, and unfair taxes there will be no restoration of the economic order and continual downward spiral. It's these types of policies that increase inflation, kill small business and jobs, and drains those already struggling to fund social programs for this growing deficit of prosperity.

It's this unstable and unfair economic system that drains citizens of the nation and places blame on the people from other nation competing for scraps of a broken economic system. A sound economic system would not only grow to make room for our citizens and those of other nation, but increase the prosperity of other nations so they don't have to leave their homes and families just to survive.

Yet the cycle repeats due to a lack of understanding, due to a dangerously ineffective and expensive education system which continues to dumbing down of coming generations while becoming a bigger drain on the economy while just repeating the cycle. This cycle can't be broken if we don't understand the one thing that ties everything together is the economy, and that it's by letting the economy heal naturally and restore itself to it's natural state that we will ever see a hope for tomorrow.

The longer we wait to let this economic wound heal, the longer it will take to heal. It's time we fight to get the government out of this wound and stop the government from expanding it. The economy is function of the people, not the government. When the economy is taken away from the people it brings poverty and a divided nation.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

#99 - A Ron Paul Congress

My Fellow Americans,

Here I am nearing the 100th post here on Cause of Freedom where I have done my best to educate people on the issues and philosophy of promoting and protecting liberty. I have also spent much time promoting the ideals and candidacy of Ron Paul. Ron Paul represents exactly the kind of thinking we need to re-inject into our electoral system. This is why it is important to elect Ron Paul Americans into the congress and the senate to push Liberty minded and Constitutional legislation to revive this nation.

This is why I endorse Rick Frey from Texas and Brent Sanders from Louisiana to help begin the restoration of this country in the US congress, and encourage people from across the nation to donate to their campaigns and spread the word about what they are trying to do.

It's also important to get involved in your state legislature which is why I endorse Thomas Hill in North Carolina running for the North Carolina senate.

I also hope to conquer the 4th congressional district of New York to take more Liberty to the US congress in 2012 (possibly 2010) with the "Merced for Freedom" campaign, and like everyone else I mentioned will need a national following to fight this fight without being silenced by local special interests.

Join the network of Liberty to stay united at the Liberty Independence Alliance.

It's our country, and our world that's on the line with every misguided and unconstitutional piece of legislation that passes, and it's up to us to turn this around.


Hector Alexander Merced

Saturday, January 19, 2008

#98 - Soldier leaves Army for Ron Paul

More and more the troops are speaking out for Ron Paul by donating more to Ron Paul than any candidate in either party, and now they are leaving the army to make a statement about what Ron Paul is saying. No matter what you think you know about Ron Paul, what's important is that you listen to the message, and realize how our government has betrayed us instead of focusing on personal prejudice of party lines and ideology. We must unite to preserve the small window we have left to keep America great and elect Ron Paul into office to return to American principles we were founded on.

#97 - Alex Merced on the Issues

A Video Series where Alex Merced describe his political Views

View the Videos @

1 - Intro
2 - Constitution
3 - States Rights
4 - Church vs. State
5 - Free Markets
6 - Federal Reserve
7 - Foreign Policy
8 - Life/Privacy
9 - Environment
10 - Education
11 - Conclusion

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

#96 - GAO on USA Economic Crisis

Candidates on both sides continue to talk about where they can nickel and dime spending and fiscally responsible. The country is beyond cutting corners to balance the books, it needs a massive overhaul of the books. Ron Paul is the only candidate who understands the implications of what the GAO talks about the video below, I beg you to watch this pay careful attention to our dire situation.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

#94 - Ron Paul Odds and Ends

First off, I would like to apologize for the sensationalizing of the Charles Rangle military legislation, it was misleading of me to frame it the way I did. Although, the issue of the draft is one that should stay in political discourse as long as the selective service exists.

With increasing military commitments and decreasing military recruitment something is going to have to happen to continue these commitments. I hope they aren't planning on sending our men and women on a 4th deployment already, and if military action in Iran or Pakistan does occur be sure they will need troops to do so and they will rationalize putting the draft back on the table like in the past. This is especially disconcerting when candidates like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Mccain have all discusses and mentioned the idea of mandatory military service in passing during addresses.

This is not some irrelevant issue in todays political climate. It's quite the opposite.

In other news I have started a community blog for Ron Paul supporters to post their thoughts and videos, if you'd like to be a contributor get in touch with me. The blog is found at.

Also make sure to sign up for the Liberty Independence Alliance

Saturday, January 12, 2008

#93 - Democrats plan to revive Military Draft

New York Democratic Congressman introduces H.R. 393: Universal National Service Act of 2007, a bill that would force military service to all citizens. Ron Paul in his fight for Civil Liberty has fought against this kind of offense to our civil liberties. Ron Paul had this to say when honoring Muhammad Ali in his efforts to fight the draft and protect civil liberties.

"Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of H. Res. 58. I saw Muhammad Ali as a man of great courage, and I admired him for this, not because of the courage that it took to get in a ring and fight men bigger than he, but because of his stance in 1967.

In 1967, he was 25 years old. He was the heavyweight champion of the world, and for religious beliefs, he practiced what Martin Luther King made popular, civil disobedience, because he disagreed with the war. I thought his comments were rather astute at the time and were not complex, but he merely said, I have no quarrel with the Viet-Cong. He said the Viet-Cong never called him a name, and because of his religious convictions, he said he did not want to serve in the military. He stood firm, a man of principle, and I really admired this as a quality.

He is known, of course, for his athletic skills and his humanitarian concerns, and these are rightly mentioned in a resolution like this. But I do want to emphasize this because, to me, it was so important and had such impact, in reality, what Muhammad Ali did eventually led to getting rid of the draft, and yet we as a people and we as a Congress still do not have the conviction that Muhammad Ali had, because we still have the selective service; we say, let us not draft now, but when the conditions are right, we will bring back the draft and bring back those same problems that we had in the 1960s.

I see what Muhammad Ali did as being very great. He deserves this recognition, but we should also praise him for being a man of principle and willing to give up his title for 3 years at the age of 25 at the prime of his career. How many of us give up something to stand on principle? He was a man of principle. He believed it and he stood firm, so even those who may disagree with his position may say at least he stood up for what he believed in. He suffered the consequences and fortunately was eventually vindicated."

#92 - Pacifism, Civil Disobedience, and Ron Paul

I love Ron Paul cause when he calls people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks as his heroes, he really embodies what he learns from them. I made a video discussing Civil liberties which I will post in a second but I'm going to rehash and elaborate first.

When doing battle like these heroes of Liberty you have very little advantages against the oppressive establishment, all you have is the ground advantage of being right and having the conviction to follow through. History has shown that the establishment will spit on you, kick you, call you crazy to quiet your message.

They did this to Ghandi, they did this to MLK Jr., and now they are doing this to Ron Paul. Some may find it odd I put them in the same category, but show me a man who has surmounted the odds against a party who over 10 congressional election has continually tried to defeat him and silent him but can't. Show me a man more honest about the governments shorts comings and the possible dangers who puts his life day in and day out for nation where many laugh at him and call him crazy, with a media that slanders and demeans him despite a lifetime of dedicated service to this country.

This man is a hero of unique caliber which we do not deserve, he is the only one with the conviction to stand in the face of every possible adversity and smile and continue saying what he's been saying.

This is why when dealing with the oppressive powers that be there is only one way to maintain the advantage which is by pacifism and civil disobedience, cause it gives you the high ground and a elevation advantage. Now the establishment can't use force to retaliate without strengthening the surviving message and movement, they can't martyr and effectively slander you through pacifist means.

PETA is an organization that has used coercive and aggressive means to spread a message and what happens? It only gives fodder to the establishment to much easier portray them as kooks and domestic terrorist further undermining their message. Ron Paul avoid this by the taking the long and hard road of Pacifism and Civil Disobedience.

Ask yourself, What Would Ron Paul Do?

Friday, January 11, 2008

#91 - Ron Paul Warned us!!! Real ID now in effect!!!

Ron Paul always speaks of the danger of the Nanny state and how a National ID card can hurt privacy rights and liberty while giving government more control and vigilance into our every action. Now Homeland security has mandated a national ID card, it's not to late and we can turn this around. There is only one candidate that will, Ron Paul.

The Read ID story by CNN

#90 - Ron Paul Supporters Investigate Newsletter

Hey Guys,

We in the grassroots stand by our man and have been working hard to find solid proof to exonerate Dr. Paul. Some things to think about?

- If Ron Paul is so racist why would he fight so much to promote the ideas of Ghandi and Martin Luther King in all his speeches and books

- Why would democrat Dennis Kucinich be one of his best friends

- Why is Ron Paul such an avid Muhammad Ali fan andused Alis Rope a Dope strategy in winning many elections

Here some detective work my people at the :

"The "writer" of the racist newslettes writes "I bought my first copy of the men's fashion magazine GQ..."

But in a conversation written in an article by the New York Times from this summer, Paul has no idea what that magazine is.

"“GQ wants to profile you on Thursday,” Benton continues. “I think it’s worth doing.”

“GTU?” the candidate replies.

“GQ. It’s a men’s magazine.”

“Don’t know much about that,” Paul says. "

Hopefully my quick google search can clear up some misconceptions people have about Paul."


Thursday, January 10, 2008

#89 - Ron Paul Addresses Racism Charges Beautifuly

As you know the last couple of months I'd make the occasional post where I would address the constantly re-emerging accusations that Ron Paul is racist. Usually these accusation stem from newsletters sent out over 15 years ago which were written by a variety of contributors. Today he wonderfully addressed these accusations on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and I'll show you the video at the bottom of the post. First, I want to talk about the Ron Paul I love.

The Ron Paul I love loves Civil Disobedience and Martin luther King Jr. and talked about how following in his footsteps is vital to being a true patriot in this address to congress.

The Ron Paul I know is Muhammad Ali fan who Honored him on his 65th birthday with kind words to one of Americas greatest.

The Ron Paul I know was one of the few candidates who would participate in the Morgan State debate which addressed Minority issues shown in the video below.

Ron Paul was the only candidate on either side to come speak at the Arab American Summit in Dearborn, MI show in the video below

Ron Paul Addressing Accusations of Racism on CNN

#88 - Why Ron Paul can still win! BELIEVE!

Don't worry I will return to posting informative and educational stuff after the elections calm down a bit. Here is some info floating around the forums discussing the Ron Paul campaign strategy.

"Remember the secret plan? You’re about to see it! plus Words of wisdom from your fellow supporters.
From this thread:Remember the secret plan? You’re about to see itThe money was purposefully saved, prepare to get sick of Ron on national TV.and,I just gave you all I knew.They were undershooting so they could get 3rd in the first two states…they weren’t far off in either. They didn’t WANT first, as it’s politically bad with super tuesday so far off (call it the buchannon effect).Then comes the media blitz, you WILL see the money, and they WILL be targeting proper demographics now that they have the info, this is how he has won all of his elections. No other republican can effectively use the demographic information (fix the economy, end the war).I don’t know anything beyond that other than they are hoping for others to drop out so he gets more air time during debates.Others shared these thoughts:“The media has been saying all along he is not viable, so we didn’t really lose much, yet.
”“It was hardly a very far fifth place finish it was damn close.”“I have heard this too from the campaign! I had a good cry last night, but I am over it and ready to keep fighting the fight!This aint over till the fat lady sings!”“This would be good, especially since all the candidates have blown all their money on the first couple of states, and then Ron Paul comes in and blasts all the states on Super Tuesday with ads to take the lead right out from under everybody….BRILLIANT!”
“Facts we do know hereBased upon expenditure reports from air time being bought in NH and IA1. RP appears to have about $20 million still stashed2. RP is asking for another $23 million3. RP Campaign has played it low key at first - look at the first few ads4. RP Campaign came out with 4 great ads recently5. RP campaign is starting tv and radio ads in 10 states this week based upon press releases6. RP campaign definitely didn’t do an early state strategy in spite of funds raised and looking back if you think how much time and resources spent there by all campaigns RP was never going to stand out from the pack in IA and NH.”
“Gotta really think about it. It would be a good idea. This giga Tuesday thing is new. We cannot look at Iowa and NH as significant at all. It may be that Ron’s campaign has thought outside the box on this. If you think about it…here in California, I talk about the primaries with people and the majority cannot even name a candidate. This especially applies to the republican candidates.”
“The more that I think about this….and from the snippets I heard while in IA the more it becomes obvious that they have taken this course.For three reasons:1. Its impossible to stand out from the crowd in IA and NH2. The field is way too crowded right now… let it settle out some first and let everyone beat up on each other and get bloodied up3.. Most of their money in all honesty came in in the last month… too late to be spent on IA and NH but perfect for laying out a post IA, NH media blitz that will be unrivaled as other campaigns starve for cash”
“Is Ron Paul not the “thinking man’s candidate?” Once you consider this, “aiming for 3rd” strategy, it really does make sense, whether the poster was privvy to inside info or not. If Ron is sitting on a pile of cash now, why the hell would he continue to hold onto it? I’ll assume he plans on spending it!Without having to spend a dime, Ron Paul, in a clever way, could be said to have used these two events in IA and NH to fish out all manner of valuable demographic information. Now that he’s got this info on so many important particulars, he can put his war chest to better use than ever before, instead of having to dump piles of cash into various efforts and cross his fingers. If you’ve got less money, overall, than people like Romney, Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, you’d better do your research first so you can get the most for your money when it comes time to spend. Does this not make perfect sense?This is an intelligent man and regardless of what happens, this is not over until 2009.Eyes on the prize”
“Ahh I love speculation… though so much of it makes sense… because if you think about it… the campaign really didn’t try hard at all for either of IA or NH, RP and Kent Snyder have had 20 years to plan this… RP has beaten the establishment before big time so everyone cheer up, don’t lose heart and donate some more money!”
“I’ve been mulling this all over tonight, and in reading this, the thought occured to me - does Ron Paul now hang his head and hang it up? and I honestly think the man would laugh at such an idea. He’s been a lone voice for decades - these results are nothing but encouragement for him.The votes have not proven he’s a front runner, but they do NOTHING to prove his ideas wrong. Nothing whatsoever. He knows he’s right, we know he’s right. He’s got the Constitution, the founders, history and economics on his side, and he’s going to keep fighting the good fight as long as we stand with him.Let’s stand with our man and march with him all the way, to the end.”
“Remember the field was too crowded at first.Now Romney is hurting bad, Rudy is tanking, Thompson is sleeping, Huckabee is bogus, and McCain is still insane.”
“You all are missing the big picture.We are a few % points away from #3. You want everyone else to kill everyone else. Then you step in to fill the void.It is political strategy. If you think Dr. Paul is smart enough to understand the fed, the war, and so on: Why not understand that he knows what he is doing. He is playing the fiddle just like Huckabee….Wait and watch”
“This thread is making me think. Even moreso, maybe Paul is crazy… just crazy like a fox.1) You’re sitting on the largest Republican war chest2) All your opponent’s fundraising is on life support, or they blew all their money in the first two or three primaries.3) Each of the other candidates has a huge huge negative that will show up and turn off republican votersIf they can pull the following off, it would be the greatest election coup in history:Parity of wins gives each candidate a few days in the sun, or a few days of good grilling by the conservative media for their undesirable chances. Huck’s vast tax and spending, McCain’s amnesty fiasco and McCain-Feingold, all of Rudy’s baggage from NYC, and Thompson’s lack of enthusiasm and personality all weigh on the mind of the Republican voters. Look at the first two primary winners for Iowa and NH:Do you think people from the more liberal states are going to look at Huckabee and actually say, “I’ll vote for him”? No, they’re gonna see that record of his and remind themselves that they would never do that. He won Iowa, now he placed 3rd in NH.Do you think people from the South and West are going to look at McCain and not remember the amnesty BS? They’re not going to vote for him. He placed 3rd in Iowa. In NH he pulled off a win. Is he going to win in Michigan or SC? No way.As for second place, do you think people are going to look at Romney after he blew all his chances on two states, and consider him an electable candidate? When he polls at 12% nationally? And all of those flip flops from his days as governor?He notices that Hillary is being built up as the comeback girl, which causes splinters in Obama’s support among independents. They end up looking for a new option, and it ain’t Edwards.Meanwhile, Paul sits back; he lets the media in Iowa and NH do his polling work for him - with real election results, not opinion polls. He lets his opponents spend themselves into debt. He allows each one of them a few days in the spotlight to allow Republican voters to remember why they suck. He figures out what voting blocs are voting on what issue, and how independent voters are swinging. Using this he super-targets on the winning issues with his 20 million dollar war chest in the 2 weeks prior to super Tuesday (to get the most bang for the buck) while the grassroots continues, and the blimp flies on in SC and Florida.It couldn’t be possible… could it?” "

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

#87 - A Letter to Ron Paul supporters and fans of Liberty

My Fellow Americans,

I write this letter as a decree of a shift in our nation. The message of Liberty and Independence has once again struck the nerve of the American pulse, thanks to one mans honesty and integrity, Ron Paul. As we all band together around his message of Liberty, we must realize the change needed in this country can't be done with only one person in one office.

This is the purpose of the Liberty Independence Alliance, to be a network of friendship and hope. To be the center of our continuing efforts to put people like Ron Paul in the many positions in our system to help move the country back towards liberty. So across party and state lines, I ask you to join the LIA and help take our country back and restore the power to the American People. This is our fight, this fight is now, this fight must be won.

With Hope, Hector Alexander Merced LIA Founder & Administrator
Author of the blog: Cause for Freedom

The 9 Principles of The LIA

Liberty, Integrity, Accountability, Federalism, Law, Knowledge, Diplomacy, Individualism, and Civility

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#86 - Ron Paul People, the worst is over

Hey Guys the worst is over, we just survived two states where every candidate had massive organizations and staffs at work for the last 6 months with a lot of people hired to motivate voters to the polls. Luckily, this is no longer the case in the rest of the states here on out. In IA and NH you had a presence from ALL the candidates and it's all they can afford.

Huckabee and Mccain can't afford to rally and organize their voters in any states other than IA and NH, and Romney is suffering but betting the horse on those two states. So now Romney is scrambling to organize last minute in other states while the rest can't afford to do so while Ron Pauls grassroots has been strong in every state. Turnout will be lower here on out in many states for many reasons which puts the ball back in Ron Pauls court. We have massive voting, but high turnout has diluted our percentages.

- Michigan will have no campaigning from dems since there's no delegates at stake, and most of GOP is going straight for South Carolina except Romney who is attempting to rally Michigan for some much needed momentum. ROn Paul is the only candidate with an HQ and organization, Romney can rally but we'll have the organization to turnout the vote in a state the media doesn't care about making the turnout reallllly low.

- Nevada is being ignored by candidates due to being on the same day as South Carolina, and again Paul is only candidate with the organization there to turn out the vote. Super low turnouts will occur due to the switch from a primary to a caucus which will catch many likely voter off guard.

- South Carolina is a state that will respond to Ron Pauls federalist message, we'll see. Turnout may backfire on us again at this state since the media blitz will be here as well and the dem race motivates people to the polls and Obama eats up swing voters.

- Again a media blitz and possible high turnout works against us, but the lack of the dems pressence leaves the swing voters all to Ron Paul since Mccain doesn't have the money to reach Florida independents. Can we beat Giuliani at his stronghold?

- Florida is so close to super Tuesday I doubt any candidate will have enough time to organize anything in these states, Luckily Ron Paul has been running ads in many of these states and the grassroots is a lot more organization than many of the candidates have the luxury of having. Super low turnout and high RP turnout is a good mix for super Tuesday.

It's still anyones game, this is a game of endurance and everyone else has been sprinting but we're going at a safe pace.

#85 - No matter what! the World is Changing, even if it's slow

As a Ron Paul supporter we're all hoping for a 180 degree change of how this country works, and while economically we're being left few other options other than a drastic change it doesn't mean you shouldn't appreciate the changes that are happening.

Two states have had their election record turnouts, more people are caring, more people want to effect how the country works. Many of them are not yet embracing the message of liberty and humility of Ron Paul, but the fact they voted means people are more open to new ideas than ever before even if it takes longer than a few months for the 180 degrees of change we want. Ron Paul took 30 years of consistency despite the world being against him to spark what's going on now and it's growing faster than he ever imagined, so never let them take that away.

The world is changing, people are starting to care, just keep spreading the message they are open to it but it takes time and a lot of personal soul searching for it to settle in most people. Don't be disheartened by an election that is so compressed everyones message and politics get lost in a distortion of time and media.

We can save the world one person at a time, with knowledge comes creativity and creativity plus consistency equals change. never forget. Never Surrender.

#84 - The True Aftermath of Ron Paul

I was thinking that I'd post the newest video from my video blog on here since I really think it goes over some important stuff. The revolution does not die until we have failed to act to take seats in congress, the senate, foreign parliaments, etc. This is global and no matter what each of us now have our mission to spread liberty one person at a time, and the best way to do that is to teach and enlighten one person at a time.

Someone who you teach well, will be good enough to teach others just as well. Now there's two teachers of liberty in your local area, then 4, then 8, it goes on from there that's how a revolution happens. So educate, educate, educate yourself to the core of these issues and embody them mind and spirit. For more motivation just watch the video.

May the heavens be on our side today in New Hampshire.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

#83 - Checkmate, Ron Paul Manchester Town Hall

Ron Paul really pulled a great move by buying an hour of TV time in NH to counteract his exclusion on the Fox News Forum. Not only did he get more airtime than any of the candidates got at the Fox Forum, but he also got a lot of great maverick buzz for it which should play very well in NH.

I don't know what Ron Pauls outcome in this race will be, I want him to win really bad. I know no matter what, many people like me have been touched by this revolution and have resolved to dedicate their lives to furthering this movement to return to the original principles of the United States, the Constitution. If you one of these people, join me and others here.

#82 - An Open Letter To Ron Paul Supporters

This is a great video for those of you who need some optimism.


For the record the video above is not me, but definetley one of my favorite Ron Paul video peeps.
If you do need to hear from me below are some videos I did on monetary policy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

#81 - Ron Paul Third in NH/Early State Analysis

In the latest Rasmussen Poll, Ron Paul is polling a very high 3rd in NH. Mccain is still on top but I think with his statements in this video spreading you'll see a drop in his support. With so many states having their results in January let's take a look at Ron Pauls chances in each state.

New Hampshire - Ron Paul is polling high in this state, and it's a state where independents are known to swing the vote in all sorts of directions. Buchanan was polling 14% (Paul currently @ 14%) before he won with 28% of the vote, Buchanan and Paul share many of the same supporter so this could happen again.

Michigan - Since there is no Democratic delegates up for grabs, the dem candidates have abandoned Michigan which mean we won't see Obamas vacuum of independent votes which leaves room for Ron Paul to win the swing vote here too. The republican delegates are low here so none of the candidates have really done much in Michigan.

South Carolina - A conservative stronghold, I'm not sure what to expect. Ron Paul isn't polling to bad though so it's possible for a top 3 showing for Paul.

Nevada - On the same day as South Carolina, it has been abadoned by all the candidates and the state has really embraced Ron Paul. This is Ron Pauls best chance for win in the early states.

Maine - I have no idea, no one has any news about maine.

Florida - Florida is gonna be a war against Giuliani, but again dems will not be in Florida due controversy with the DNC. Ron Paul if he can capture the independent vote could possibly kill Giulianis chances and at this point be propelled to a super super tuesday.

Friday, January 4, 2008

#80 - Iowa Analysis and Implications

Winners: Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson

Losers: Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani

No Longer with Us: Biden, Dodd

No Gain/Loss: Ron Paul, Bill Richardson, John Edwards, John Mccain

Things we Learned:

"Rage Against the Machine" - The American voters has rebelled against the candidates perceived as "establishment" candidates (Clinton, Romney, Giuliani) and went for perceived "change" candidates Obama and Huckabee.

" Spambots can Vote" - If you told anyone a few weeks ago that Ron Paul would register any votes, much less 10% to almost beat Mccain and Thompson for 3rd they would of called you crazy. Ron Paul doing twice as well as Giuliani is the kiss of death to the Giuliani campaign.

"Hillary of Glass" - she got shattered and it hurt, can she turn it around?

"Independents and youth in full force" - The election the old guard has been fearing has finally come. Huge disparity among the youth/old vote in Obamas win. How this will effect the republicans will be shown in NH since Iowa was more decided by evangelicals than any generation divide. Although Ron Paul was shown to dominate the youth and independent vote for the republicans, which raises expectations in New Hampshire.

"Wyoming?" - Suddenly everyone realizes Wyoming has a republican Caucus on Saturday

The Path to victory, each candidate:

SUMMARY: Must win an Early state to stay in the Race

Mike Huckabee: The Iowa win must translate into wins across the board since has no resources to really continue his movement. Strong showing in South Carolina is a must to stay in the race.

Mitt Romney: Must beat Mccain in New Hampshire to continue to be perceived viable, though could recover from such a loss and stay in the race if he can win at least win 1 early state, though NH is really his final and best shot.

Fred Thompson: Where did his third place showing come from? Huge resurgence of a candidate we all brushed off. This must be capitalized with a win in South Carolina or Thompson will to be dead in the water.

John Mccain: Most people still shocked by the Mccain comeback, a good showing in Iowa that was neutralized by Thompsons comeback. Mccain like most of the republican candidates is low on resources so a win on NH is necessary.

Ron Paul: A decent showing in Iowa showing that people will turnout for Paul, especially in Iowa which is 2nd to Florida as the state Ron Paul has payed the least attention to. Ron Pauls best chances at a win are NH and NV yet he has had the resources to campaign well in all the early states so he'll be a factor in each and every race. He has the resources to stay till Super tuesday no matter what so the implications of this will be more clear after NH and NV. Although Ron Pauls appeal to independents shows if need be he'd be quite viable as the Libertarian candidate.

Rudy Giuliani: Florida is Giulianis last stand, period.

Duncan Hunter: Unless he can shock everyone in Wyoming there is no hope.

Republican Summary: Romney and Giuliani were hurt real bad, but the rest of the pack lack the resources to stay in the race despite strong showings. Due to this, Ron Paul can rise as the anti-establishment candidate after Huckabee and Mccain go broke. Good things come to those who wait.


Barack Obama: Another win in NH will solidify his momentum and probably the nomination. Though with NH being an anti-tax libertarian state, I don't think he'll capture as many independents this time around cause we're dealing with a very different kind of independent.

John Edwards: Need to stay top 3 in the early contests, and hope for a big super tuesday.

Hillary Clinton: Must stop Obamas momentum somewhere along the early states.

Bill Richardson: Just needs to keep doing what he'd doing and hope for an upset somewhere, which is highly unlikely

Democrat Summary: I think it'd be a safe bet that Obama has got the nomination, and with the democratic turnout destroying the republican turnout that we're looking at a one sided race unless the republicans can provide an equally widely likeable candidate (Ron Paul?). Since the independents and youth are playing a role, a third party or independent candidate has some room to play a role.

#79 - H.R. 4127: Make No Cents Until It Makes Sense Act

This is a good example of Ron Pauls position against spending and against inflation. By reducing the spending on printing coins which cost more than the coins are valued, you also curve inflation.
The final bill in our series on legislation Ron Paul introduced in 2007.

H.R. 4127: Make No Cents Until It Makes Sense Act

Thursday, January 3, 2008

#78 - H.R. 457: Cures Can Be Found Act of 2007

Ron Paul thinks scientific research is important yet is against Federal Funding for most scientific programs cause it can push the market in directions that don't work (EX. Corn Subsidies/corn Ehtanol). Ron Paul does want to help science research be funded by providing tax credits for funding science research and donations.

This bill in particular addresses Stem Cell research, which Ron Paul approves of since there are ethical ways to obtain stem cells from left overs from artificial insemination. Ron Paul is against harvesting Embryos for stem cells for ethical reasons yet still encourages ethical stem cell research and this bill provides Tax Credits for doing so.

H.R. 457: Cures Can Be Found Act of 2007

#77 - H.R. 4078: Education Professional Development Tax Credit Act of 2007

Ron Paul does care about education, despite what his position on getting rid of the Department of Education might make you think. The Department of Education doesn't equal public schools, and getting rid of it will actually gives more freedom and money to public schools. Though this would take a consensus from Congress, Ron Paul has introduced legislation to improve education by giving tax credits for professional development programs, I give you...

H.R. 4078: Education Professional Development Tax Credit Act of 2007

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

#76 - H.R. 3664: Tax Free Tips Act of 2007

People always want to know what the candidates are going to do for low income workers and the middle class. What would Ron Paul do? Let you keep your money and spend it on buying the food you need, or to pay for the books you need for class. This is why Ron Paul introduced this bill to remove Taxation on Tips to give people working tip heavy jobs their money back. Here is the bill...

H.R. 3664: Tax Free Tips Act of 2007

Join the Fight for freedom Here!!!

#75 - H.R. 424: To repeal the Military Selective Service Act

Ron Paul, being a champion of liberty feels that things like the military Draft and the selective service undermine privacy and the liberty of Americans, and gave a way for the government to practice endless interventionism at the cost of liberty with a never ending supply of troops to spread around the world due to the draft. It's this disdain for this kind of attack on civil liberties is why Ron Paul spoke in Honor of Muhammad Ali and introduced the following bill:

H.R. 424: To repeal the Military Selective Service Act

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

#74 - H.R. 219: Social Security Preservation Act of 2007

Ron Paul is very outspoken against the welfare state and against programs like Social Security and Medicare that do more damage to the economy than it relieves burdens on American Citizens. Yet, Ron Paul understands due to the life of these programs many generations have become Dependant on these programs.

While Ron Paul wants the current and future generations to stop paying into social security and give them back their money, Ron Paul wants to preserve the current Social Security funds and cut spending elsewhere to take care of those who've already become Dependant on these programs. In that effort he's introduce much legislation such as...

H.R. 219: Social Security Preservation Act of 2007

#73 - H.R. 1898: Child Health Care Affordability Act

Post #73-#79 will be special looks at legislation introduced by Ron Paul in 2008.

You hear in the democratic debates Obama and Clinton constantly attacking each other on healthcare for children constantly fighting for some regressive universal healthcare program that'll end in probably providing bad healthcare to those kids and still not cover all kids.

Ron Paul while he wants to get rid of the IRS and the income tax has been your friend in getting your tax money back to provide for your family things like education and healthcare, so I Introduce to you.

H.R. 1898: Child Health Care Affordability Act

#72 - Ron Paul in Review 1/1/08

For the rest of the elections I'll be doing n occasional Ron Paul in Review to bring to light videos and blogs that may be overlooked that I think are pithy and sweet :).


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