Saturday, January 19, 2008

#98 - Soldier leaves Army for Ron Paul

More and more the troops are speaking out for Ron Paul by donating more to Ron Paul than any candidate in either party, and now they are leaving the army to make a statement about what Ron Paul is saying. No matter what you think you know about Ron Paul, what's important is that you listen to the message, and realize how our government has betrayed us instead of focusing on personal prejudice of party lines and ideology. We must unite to preserve the small window we have left to keep America great and elect Ron Paul into office to return to American principles we were founded on.


videopostal said...

You are a brave patriot. I felt you cry, you made me cry. I admire man like you who dare not go against that , that we all know. This comes from spain and I honor you by saying,... "Ole !, tus huevos chaval".

Boyan Syarov said...

God Bless You