Sunday, January 20, 2008

#99 - A Ron Paul Congress

My Fellow Americans,

Here I am nearing the 100th post here on Cause of Freedom where I have done my best to educate people on the issues and philosophy of promoting and protecting liberty. I have also spent much time promoting the ideals and candidacy of Ron Paul. Ron Paul represents exactly the kind of thinking we need to re-inject into our electoral system. This is why it is important to elect Ron Paul Americans into the congress and the senate to push Liberty minded and Constitutional legislation to revive this nation.

This is why I endorse Rick Frey from Texas and Brent Sanders from Louisiana to help begin the restoration of this country in the US congress, and encourage people from across the nation to donate to their campaigns and spread the word about what they are trying to do.

It's also important to get involved in your state legislature which is why I endorse Thomas Hill in North Carolina running for the North Carolina senate.

I also hope to conquer the 4th congressional district of New York to take more Liberty to the US congress in 2012 (possibly 2010) with the "Merced for Freedom" campaign, and like everyone else I mentioned will need a national following to fight this fight without being silenced by local special interests.

Join the network of Liberty to stay united at the Liberty Independence Alliance.

It's our country, and our world that's on the line with every misguided and unconstitutional piece of legislation that passes, and it's up to us to turn this around.


Hector Alexander Merced

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Brother Griz said...

Good post, man. Let me know if you want to contribute at the ThinkTank. It's a forward-looking strategy and libertarian communication site for the post-revolution revolution.