Monday, January 21, 2008

#100 - Ending Poverty?

Here I am watching the democratic debate and hearing them talk about ending poverty. It just goes to show me my days on the left were so misguided, when I hear unrealistic talk like this that fills people in desperate need with hope with unreal and high expectations for tomorrow. I'm glad I've changed and embraced the constitution, liberty, and free market economics.

In a great nation with a sound economy, poverty will still exist due to small group of people who are unable to be productive or choose to not to be productive in society. In a sound economy, the number of those in poverty would be minimal and small enough that non-profit and charitable organizations can lend them a hand. The problem is, due to having a weakening economy, a weakening currency, and an inflating government the number of those in poverty has swelled beyond the numbers that these entities can handle.

In conditions like these it's natural for those suffering to ask government for help, not realizing it's government that has shaped the environment for such conditions destructing the natural order. It's only through having empathy for our struggling brethren and embracing our differences and attempting to educate them on the reality of the growing level of poverty due to government intervention that we can create the coalition to create the change we need.

So as long as we keep the economic environment unstable and unhealthy with government intervention like a FIAT money supply, a welfare state, regulations, and unfair taxes there will be no restoration of the economic order and continual downward spiral. It's these types of policies that increase inflation, kill small business and jobs, and drains those already struggling to fund social programs for this growing deficit of prosperity.

It's this unstable and unfair economic system that drains citizens of the nation and places blame on the people from other nation competing for scraps of a broken economic system. A sound economic system would not only grow to make room for our citizens and those of other nation, but increase the prosperity of other nations so they don't have to leave their homes and families just to survive.

Yet the cycle repeats due to a lack of understanding, due to a dangerously ineffective and expensive education system which continues to dumbing down of coming generations while becoming a bigger drain on the economy while just repeating the cycle. This cycle can't be broken if we don't understand the one thing that ties everything together is the economy, and that it's by letting the economy heal naturally and restore itself to it's natural state that we will ever see a hope for tomorrow.

The longer we wait to let this economic wound heal, the longer it will take to heal. It's time we fight to get the government out of this wound and stop the government from expanding it. The economy is function of the people, not the government. When the economy is taken away from the people it brings poverty and a divided nation.

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