Wednesday, November 26, 2008

#153 - What is to come


working in the financial industry, I've been getting to watch the havoc of the current economic crisis with a nice front row seat. I've met many people who've been laid off, who've lost major amount of money in the market or in houses, and I've seen firms collapse. The house of cards is falling and while it's hard to watch it doesn't change the fundamental reality.

An economy cannot expand on credit alone, savings and production of goods must be at the foundation to sustain it. It's really that simple.

- Overregulation by Congress has pressured businesses overseas to remain competetive. While CEO's of these companies may seem overpaid, it doesn't change the reality previously stated.

- Manipulation of Interested rates by the FRB has incentivised debt and the inflation that has gone with it has destroyed the incentive to save. What's the point of saving, if you actually lose money in actual buying power if the money isn't spent NOW.

Money flows in and out of nations dependant on the imports/exports of the nation, if we don't produce the goods no matter how weak the dollar exports can't keep up with economy steroidal expansion.

If all our money is spent on imports, and no money is saved, what money is left?

So what does someone like nobel peace prize winner Paul Krugmen suggest? Lower Interest rates even more, give people even less reason to save? Expand the credit that's overexpansion caused the problem in the first place?

When a cup of water is overflowing, you don't pour more water in the cup. You let the excess water flow out till it reaches surface tension.

Wow... the current state of economics thought makes me sad.

Friday, November 7, 2008

#152 - Where do we go from here?

Hello Everyone,

I bet your all thinking now that the 2008 election season is over, what do I do? Well before go into what let's reflect on the significant changes in this years election.

- 7 of the many candidates backed by Ron Paul libertyPAC won their perspective races putting us 7 offices closer to REAL policy changes.

- continues to grow and organize the grassroots for the 2010 election season, as Republican leaders discuss how to organize a vibrant grassroots organization over the next few years, let's hope they finally wise up that it already exists and just needs to be embraced.

- While I'm no supporter of Barack Obamas policy views, symbolically he represents a very different view of America. While I don't think he'll cause as much damage as his detractors, I don't think much will change other than perception. Although, coming from a marketing background, sometimes perception can make a lot of difference in certain realms.

- Ron Paul is still being interview all the time, and Revolution: A Manifesto is still selling, so the moementum is still growing.

To follow my political efforts, make sure to keep up here and @

I'll keep you guys updated like I always do.

- Alex Merced