Friday, November 7, 2008

#152 - Where do we go from here?

Hello Everyone,

I bet your all thinking now that the 2008 election season is over, what do I do? Well before go into what let's reflect on the significant changes in this years election.

- 7 of the many candidates backed by Ron Paul libertyPAC won their perspective races putting us 7 offices closer to REAL policy changes.

- continues to grow and organize the grassroots for the 2010 election season, as Republican leaders discuss how to organize a vibrant grassroots organization over the next few years, let's hope they finally wise up that it already exists and just needs to be embraced.

- While I'm no supporter of Barack Obamas policy views, symbolically he represents a very different view of America. While I don't think he'll cause as much damage as his detractors, I don't think much will change other than perception. Although, coming from a marketing background, sometimes perception can make a lot of difference in certain realms.

- Ron Paul is still being interview all the time, and Revolution: A Manifesto is still selling, so the moementum is still growing.

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I'll keep you guys updated like I always do.

- Alex Merced

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