Monday, May 26, 2008

#126 - Bob Barr wins Nomination

Hey Everybody,

Bob Barr is officially the Libertarian Nominee for president. People have had many criticisms of Bob Barr and his vote for the patriot act and his former support of the drug war. I do believe the guy has changes sincerely for the better and is probably the best viable option for a general election vote.

To be fair, have you ever changed your thoughts on policy, how many of us were collectivists of some sort before Ron Paul, or if your older, Barry Goldwater showed you an alternative? Bob Barr made his mistakes but his his pros in his career definetley outweigh the cons and our other options.

Bottom Line: He's no Ron Paul, but who is? I don't think we can look to even those within our ranks who are running for office and say anyone has had as much integrity and focus as the life of Ron Paul.

Again, let's not lose sight of what the goal is here, not to have society of perfect never been wrong liberty minded elitist but to actually strive to change the heart and minds of the nation and effect policy in way that fixes fundamental questions such as:

- The role of government the manipulation of economics forces

- the role of government in the internal affairs of others nations

- The role of government in peoples personal behavior

- The role of Government in peoples personal property

this is the focus of this entire movement, let's not lose sight of our ability to consolidate and follow a point. I will always listen to what Ron Paul has to say cause I trust him, but I can trust Barr enough to vote for him in the general election.

While I plan to continue on in the reforming the republican party, for the general election I will endorse Bob Barr as fairly better choice than what we've had even in a libertarian candidate since well... Ron Paul.

- Alex Merced

Sunday, May 25, 2008

#125 - Laying the Groundwork

Hey Everybody,

(NOTE: Before you read this go open up an account at, you'll see why in a sec)

Everyone agrees the 2008 has only marked the revitalization of the American revolution from collectivism and big government started way back in 1776. We all also agree further groundwork must be formed whether you feel the Republican, Libertarian, or Constitutional Party is you vehicle of choice (For the few proud Ron Paul democrats, we'll add the democratic party to the list). SO here's some advice in laying the groundwork.

- The most obvious is getting involved in your local party clubs in your locality and applying the small government principles in your local community. If you show these principles at work on a local level it'll be easier to get more and more people behind you.

- Creating online portals for your local community, not just those that believe in the cause but the whole community in general, it'll give you an easy way to communicate to your community in the future.

(Note: This is why you should sign up for ning account, you can create your own social network for your town or county, pass out flyers to the local community and promote it as way for the community to promote commerce and events. When all is said and done you'll have mailing list of the entire community at your finger tips.)

- Since you have a Ning account you should join the Liberty Social network, Liberty Independence Alliance, as a place to huddle and plan with your fellow revolutionaries.

- In general be part of your community, gaining influence is not all about knowing everything about the issues, it's about being someone people care about and respect, so go out get involved in the local fair, school board, parks and recreation. Otherwise, you'll be brushed off as idealistic outsider who alienates himself from the community.

- BE REASONABLE, don't be calling other peoples candidates fascists and socialists and attacking their character, a well educated policy critique will get a much better response than an attack.

This Laundry list should help everyone lay the groundwork as the revolution grow and bubbles up from the depths. No matter what party your in, these tactics will help you make other more perceptive to policy and liberty. As long a voter understand the policy, we will eventually win.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#124 - Immigration In Depth

Hey Guys,

I feel Immigration is one of the most mis-understood issues on both sides so I thought I'd take some time out to explain the issue in depth. If you strip all the politics and leave only the harsh cold reality we quickly realize there are truly two victims who due to politics have been forced to fight against each other when in all reality they are both the victims of failed and unconstitutional policy and intervention.

Let's explore these victims and how big government has created this conflict.

Victim # 1 - Illegal Immigrants - In order to change a behavior you must understand why the behavior exists and change the why to encourage the desired behavior (legal immigration). So first let's explore why Illegal Immigrants would want to come to the US. Of course, the obvious reason would be for a better life.

(NOTE: I do realize some people have criminal backgrounds and come to escape the law, they of course should be held accountable to the laws of the country in which they committed the crime so let's address the larger issue then get hung up on exceptions)

Why is it so hard for these people to attain a better life in their country of origin? There is a laundry list of reasons but let's explore the ones that directly involve our government.

- Food Subsidies: by manipulating the market with farm subsidies foreign agriculture (sometimes the only real industry in the nation) is rendered uncompetitive in the US market. When the US GDP equals most if not all other countries combined it becomes obvious how a level un-manipulated playing field is important giving individuals the ability to provide for themselves no matter what origin.

- NAFTA: Free trade can't be mandated, it's an absence of mandates. NAFTA falsely under the name of free trade manages trade among the countries involved limiting the growth in certain areas. Any growth in these nations since, didn't occur cause of NAFTA, but in spite of NAFTA.

- Foreign Policy: When you refuse to trade with countries like Venezuela and Cuba, you do not hurt the the oppressive regime but give them reason to take more from the innocent citizens of the nation who already are being oppressed enough. By allowing the citizens of that nation to be able trade in the US market they can do better for themselves and not have to leave their nation of origin due to a ceiling of living standards.

(NOTE: by policy such as NAFTA and Embargo's limiting foreign trade we actually decrease competition in the market which increased prices and decreases quality.)

Victim #2 - US Taxpayer - the more stress you put on the US government, the more stress the government puts on the taxpayer which in turn puts more stress on the government in a vicious cycle. So while the US's protectionist involvement in subsidies and NAFTA hurt ours ability to get our bang for our buck and devastates foreign economies, the Taxpayer is then forced subsidize illegal behavior through government benefits to illegal immigrants. It's reasonable that a taxpayer would be upset when the amount of their heard earned money being stolen from them increases and it goes to someone who has violated the law, it's very reasonable sentiment cause of government tax and welfare policy.

(NOTE: the issue isn't should the government take care of illegal immigrants or not, the issue is should government provide such a benefits to anyone when the bill is being footed by the taxpayer unwillingly, it's an issue of the welfare state in general that reaches into the immigration dynamics.)

So essentially, both victims of circumstances created by international bodies but instead of working together to fix the protectionist and interventionist policies that victimize them, they have been pitted against each other in a political battle that either call for more protectionism or more interventionism depending on which side you align yourself with.

I choose neither, no issue can be solved by protectionism or by interventionism, but only by freedom of individuals to trade freely and provide for themselves wherever they are. This is the solution, this is what we are working towards, true free trade free from government manipulation on an international scale.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

#123 - OSHO and Individualism

Since I have a high interest in individualism and the philosophy around it I picked up "Freedom" by OSHO. This is quite an interesting read. The entire premise of OSHO writings is that the only way to be free is to become an individual is a state of understanding the greater responsibility of your individuality and acting upon on it yourself. He also rallies against all forms of collectivism such as the state, religion, etc and his arguments are fairly strong.

For the most part aside from his staunch disdain for religion and any type of organized belief structure, and one paragraph where he seemed to advocate non-state funded communal health care a lot of what OSHO saids reminds me of what Ron Paul philosophically saids except Pauls economics arguments are much more sound and is a little less judgmental of those who do buy into the system (OSHO is not so forgiving).

I mean reading is always a good thing, but I think i'd recommend this as a pretty good reading on individualism, there are some points where i disagree with OSHO but his overall premise and arguments are important ones written in a way I think is important enough to recommend.

So make sure to put a copy of OSHO's "Freedom" next to your copy of Ron Pauls "Revolution: A manifesto".

Thursday, May 15, 2008

#122 - Congess Hoarding Oil?

Hey Guys,

As you know I try to keep up with whats going on, and today I find out congress has recently voted on a resolution to stop hoarding oil... then my jaw dropped. This means this whole time the government has been using our tax dollars hoarding oil manipulating the oil supply, effecting the prices. So we can pay our taxes so they can raise prices, and then pay more taxes on the higher price.

Are you starting to see why I have a problem with government intervention in the supply and demand of resources.

Now they keep talking about the benefit of a tax holiday, how about getting rid of the tax altogether? How about we stop using our tax dollars to have our troops protect oil drilling around the world so these oil companies don't have to pay for their own security? How about we stop subsidizing corn which detracts R&D dollars from more viable alternative fuels and pushes food prices up?

Worried about Fuel Prices? Then stop asking how the government can help, and start asking how you can get them out your business so nature can takes it's course.

What does that mean?

Oil Prices rising at a natural rate due to NORMAL market pressures (not those created by government manipulation) will force the development and wide scale of adoption of alternative transportation and fuels.

This is nature and the free market at work, a TRULY free market is nature at work.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

#121 - Economic Indicators

So the word is un-employment has gone down 1% to 4% yet Unemployment claims are still going up. Aside from the obvious margin of error critiques, there are some reasonable explanations for this despite the harsh economic conditions we are facing. My favorite explanation is that the reason for the drop in unemployment is that people are taking part-time jobs which make sense. How about we look at economic data which can be found here and what trends we can find from the last few months to paint a clearer picture.

Let's focus on some direct inflationary numbers, prices.
Producer Prices
The producer price index for all finished goods rose 0.3 percent in
February. Prices of finished consumer foods fell 0.5 percent, while
prices of other finished consumer goods rose 0.7 percent. Capital

equipment prices rose 0.5 percent


In February, the consumer price index for all urban consumers was
unchanged seasonally adjusted; it rose 0.3 percent not seasonally
adjusted. The index was 4.0 percent above its year-earlier level.

In March, prices received by farmers rose 2.0 percent; prices paid by
farmers rose 1.7 percent. (Data are not seasonally adjusted.)

Let's put these numbers into perspective by assuming that we see a similar change in each of the next 12 months.

Estimate Numbers for the Year
Producer Prices = 3.6%

Imagine food prices went up 24% by the end of the year, doesn't really matter what the CPI saids, your gonna be hurting unless you get a big raise or adjust your lifestyle. Just something to think about when evaluating your government.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

#120 - Homoesexuality and Biology

Hey Guys,

As much as I consider myself a conservative, peoples adverse opinions against homosexuality make no sense to me so I'm going to address my opinions and thoughts on this issue since it can be one the biggest political distractions used by parties to to distract from real issues like monetary and foreign policy.

One of the most bizarre arguments we hear is the argument of the biological imperative for the survival of a species. The idea that a species behavior can be molded by it's survival instinct makes sense to me, but a species survival is not only Dependant on an increasing population. A species can be over populated and consume it's resources to fast causing the fall of the species as we see when predators go extinct in an eco-system and it's prey suddenly goes through a population boom.

So if over-population is just as much a problem as underpopulation it would make sense that the biological imperative of the species could change to keep the population growth under control. One way this could be is to see an increase in homosexuality, similar things have been seen in other species where animals change genders or sexual preference due to biological necessities (it was major plot point in Jurassic Park). So the point being, if what's important is the survival of the species, homosexuality can be just as good for the survival as the species as heterosexuality, it's all about the species finding a balance.

Although this gives the rise to a new question? Cause something MIGHT effect the birthrate should it be considered unethical behavior. Most nations don't have lack of people, the only nation that has forecasted shortage of people for employment due to declining birthrate is Japan. The situation in Japan has nothing to really due with sexuality but more with the amount of productivity that most couples focus on careers instead of building families.

So if productivity is effecting the birth rate, should this now be names an "un-natural" behavior? The point in all this is that homosexuality really in the end is a stupid issue cause liberty and freedom let's people live their lives how they wish. It's about the individual, and if you start arguing about the ethics of someones actions based on how it effects the whole you are falling into the collectivist traps that have made the government become so big with entitlement programs and a bloated foreign policy.

So you may have your opinions on this issue, but please don't let this distract you from the real issues effecting every individual in this nation, things like Monetary policy and Foreign Policy, other dangers spun from the collectivist cooking pot.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

#119 - Books, Inflation, Liberty OH MY!

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Hey Guys,

I've bought 6 copies so far of Ron Pauls new book "Revolution: A Manifesto" 4 of them I had signed one which went to myself, two of which went to my strongest co-paul supporters, my Mom and Brother. The 4th copy I'm giving to a former teacher, who's a constant source and wisdom and wit, and overall probably one of my favorite people, EVER. I gave one unsigned copy to my other brother, I came across another copy leaving me with two unsigned copies I'm arranging for people to borrow and read. The book itself is now #1 on's best sellers and #7 on the New York times best seller list.

Food Shortage Scares, increasing numbers in unemployment claims, and more signs that the economy is in bad shape, and as the multi-billion dollar cash injections trickle down inflation will only get worse. I listen to the PBS nightly business report everyday which has a variety of analyst and guests covering a lot of what's going on. Today I hear him dismiss inflation scares as too much credit being given to the US in price setting... here are some things to think about.

- The Dollar is the reserve currency of many countries, meaning the value of their currency has a DIRECT relation to US dollars in that countries reserve so when the US dilutes the dollar it dilutes the currency of many typically third world nations that already can't afford many things we take forgranted.

- US GDP dwarfs it's closest competitors cause it consumes a very large percentage of goods produced globally... so yes, the demand coming from the us is a force powerful enough to set prices.

- Inflation creates perceived food shortages, if your poor and you see the price of rice go up every week, be sure you will buy a lot this week to hedge yourself against next weeks price increase. This phantom demand created by government manipulation of prices creates such shortages.

As I always emphasize the reality of Liberties relation to Economics. So why we can all agree that theoretically what Liberty is, in a practical sense Liberty can only be exercised equal to your ability to meet fixed costs, (same logic as to why a factory would stay open despite making less than variable costs but more than fixed). Now this idea isn't new or is different, people on both sides understand this issue.

The left feels government is responsible for guaranteeing this level economic stability which we see now and have seen in the past over and over again it can't do. While traditionally conservative principles will say if you don't interfere people will develop in a more self-sufficient way, and isn't freedom the ability to depend on yourself, not the government.

Essentially the point I'm trying to make, not in my most eloquent is that the governments manipulation of the markets have only undermined liberty and the average persons ability to survive. The government has become to big that the only way to dismantle it is from within which is why we must all get involved in any we can to break the clutter wherever it may exist.