Sunday, May 4, 2008

#120 - Homoesexuality and Biology

Hey Guys,

As much as I consider myself a conservative, peoples adverse opinions against homosexuality make no sense to me so I'm going to address my opinions and thoughts on this issue since it can be one the biggest political distractions used by parties to to distract from real issues like monetary and foreign policy.

One of the most bizarre arguments we hear is the argument of the biological imperative for the survival of a species. The idea that a species behavior can be molded by it's survival instinct makes sense to me, but a species survival is not only Dependant on an increasing population. A species can be over populated and consume it's resources to fast causing the fall of the species as we see when predators go extinct in an eco-system and it's prey suddenly goes through a population boom.

So if over-population is just as much a problem as underpopulation it would make sense that the biological imperative of the species could change to keep the population growth under control. One way this could be is to see an increase in homosexuality, similar things have been seen in other species where animals change genders or sexual preference due to biological necessities (it was major plot point in Jurassic Park). So the point being, if what's important is the survival of the species, homosexuality can be just as good for the survival as the species as heterosexuality, it's all about the species finding a balance.

Although this gives the rise to a new question? Cause something MIGHT effect the birthrate should it be considered unethical behavior. Most nations don't have lack of people, the only nation that has forecasted shortage of people for employment due to declining birthrate is Japan. The situation in Japan has nothing to really due with sexuality but more with the amount of productivity that most couples focus on careers instead of building families.

So if productivity is effecting the birth rate, should this now be names an "un-natural" behavior? The point in all this is that homosexuality really in the end is a stupid issue cause liberty and freedom let's people live their lives how they wish. It's about the individual, and if you start arguing about the ethics of someones actions based on how it effects the whole you are falling into the collectivist traps that have made the government become so big with entitlement programs and a bloated foreign policy.

So you may have your opinions on this issue, but please don't let this distract you from the real issues effecting every individual in this nation, things like Monetary policy and Foreign Policy, other dangers spun from the collectivist cooking pot.

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