Saturday, May 3, 2008

#119 - Books, Inflation, Liberty OH MY!

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Hey Guys,

I've bought 6 copies so far of Ron Pauls new book "Revolution: A Manifesto" 4 of them I had signed one which went to myself, two of which went to my strongest co-paul supporters, my Mom and Brother. The 4th copy I'm giving to a former teacher, who's a constant source and wisdom and wit, and overall probably one of my favorite people, EVER. I gave one unsigned copy to my other brother, I came across another copy leaving me with two unsigned copies I'm arranging for people to borrow and read. The book itself is now #1 on's best sellers and #7 on the New York times best seller list.

Food Shortage Scares, increasing numbers in unemployment claims, and more signs that the economy is in bad shape, and as the multi-billion dollar cash injections trickle down inflation will only get worse. I listen to the PBS nightly business report everyday which has a variety of analyst and guests covering a lot of what's going on. Today I hear him dismiss inflation scares as too much credit being given to the US in price setting... here are some things to think about.

- The Dollar is the reserve currency of many countries, meaning the value of their currency has a DIRECT relation to US dollars in that countries reserve so when the US dilutes the dollar it dilutes the currency of many typically third world nations that already can't afford many things we take forgranted.

- US GDP dwarfs it's closest competitors cause it consumes a very large percentage of goods produced globally... so yes, the demand coming from the us is a force powerful enough to set prices.

- Inflation creates perceived food shortages, if your poor and you see the price of rice go up every week, be sure you will buy a lot this week to hedge yourself against next weeks price increase. This phantom demand created by government manipulation of prices creates such shortages.

As I always emphasize the reality of Liberties relation to Economics. So why we can all agree that theoretically what Liberty is, in a practical sense Liberty can only be exercised equal to your ability to meet fixed costs, (same logic as to why a factory would stay open despite making less than variable costs but more than fixed). Now this idea isn't new or is different, people on both sides understand this issue.

The left feels government is responsible for guaranteeing this level economic stability which we see now and have seen in the past over and over again it can't do. While traditionally conservative principles will say if you don't interfere people will develop in a more self-sufficient way, and isn't freedom the ability to depend on yourself, not the government.

Essentially the point I'm trying to make, not in my most eloquent is that the governments manipulation of the markets have only undermined liberty and the average persons ability to survive. The government has become to big that the only way to dismantle it is from within which is why we must all get involved in any we can to break the clutter wherever it may exist.

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