Monday, May 26, 2008

#126 - Bob Barr wins Nomination

Hey Everybody,

Bob Barr is officially the Libertarian Nominee for president. People have had many criticisms of Bob Barr and his vote for the patriot act and his former support of the drug war. I do believe the guy has changes sincerely for the better and is probably the best viable option for a general election vote.

To be fair, have you ever changed your thoughts on policy, how many of us were collectivists of some sort before Ron Paul, or if your older, Barry Goldwater showed you an alternative? Bob Barr made his mistakes but his his pros in his career definetley outweigh the cons and our other options.

Bottom Line: He's no Ron Paul, but who is? I don't think we can look to even those within our ranks who are running for office and say anyone has had as much integrity and focus as the life of Ron Paul.

Again, let's not lose sight of what the goal is here, not to have society of perfect never been wrong liberty minded elitist but to actually strive to change the heart and minds of the nation and effect policy in way that fixes fundamental questions such as:

- The role of government the manipulation of economics forces

- the role of government in the internal affairs of others nations

- The role of government in peoples personal behavior

- The role of Government in peoples personal property

this is the focus of this entire movement, let's not lose sight of our ability to consolidate and follow a point. I will always listen to what Ron Paul has to say cause I trust him, but I can trust Barr enough to vote for him in the general election.

While I plan to continue on in the reforming the republican party, for the general election I will endorse Bob Barr as fairly better choice than what we've had even in a libertarian candidate since well... Ron Paul.

- Alex Merced

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