Sunday, May 25, 2008

#125 - Laying the Groundwork

Hey Everybody,

(NOTE: Before you read this go open up an account at, you'll see why in a sec)

Everyone agrees the 2008 has only marked the revitalization of the American revolution from collectivism and big government started way back in 1776. We all also agree further groundwork must be formed whether you feel the Republican, Libertarian, or Constitutional Party is you vehicle of choice (For the few proud Ron Paul democrats, we'll add the democratic party to the list). SO here's some advice in laying the groundwork.

- The most obvious is getting involved in your local party clubs in your locality and applying the small government principles in your local community. If you show these principles at work on a local level it'll be easier to get more and more people behind you.

- Creating online portals for your local community, not just those that believe in the cause but the whole community in general, it'll give you an easy way to communicate to your community in the future.

(Note: This is why you should sign up for ning account, you can create your own social network for your town or county, pass out flyers to the local community and promote it as way for the community to promote commerce and events. When all is said and done you'll have mailing list of the entire community at your finger tips.)

- Since you have a Ning account you should join the Liberty Social network, Liberty Independence Alliance, as a place to huddle and plan with your fellow revolutionaries.

- In general be part of your community, gaining influence is not all about knowing everything about the issues, it's about being someone people care about and respect, so go out get involved in the local fair, school board, parks and recreation. Otherwise, you'll be brushed off as idealistic outsider who alienates himself from the community.

- BE REASONABLE, don't be calling other peoples candidates fascists and socialists and attacking their character, a well educated policy critique will get a much better response than an attack.

This Laundry list should help everyone lay the groundwork as the revolution grow and bubbles up from the depths. No matter what party your in, these tactics will help you make other more perceptive to policy and liberty. As long a voter understand the policy, we will eventually win.

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