Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#124 - Immigration In Depth

Hey Guys,

I feel Immigration is one of the most mis-understood issues on both sides so I thought I'd take some time out to explain the issue in depth. If you strip all the politics and leave only the harsh cold reality we quickly realize there are truly two victims who due to politics have been forced to fight against each other when in all reality they are both the victims of failed and unconstitutional policy and intervention.

Let's explore these victims and how big government has created this conflict.

Victim # 1 - Illegal Immigrants - In order to change a behavior you must understand why the behavior exists and change the why to encourage the desired behavior (legal immigration). So first let's explore why Illegal Immigrants would want to come to the US. Of course, the obvious reason would be for a better life.

(NOTE: I do realize some people have criminal backgrounds and come to escape the law, they of course should be held accountable to the laws of the country in which they committed the crime so let's address the larger issue then get hung up on exceptions)

Why is it so hard for these people to attain a better life in their country of origin? There is a laundry list of reasons but let's explore the ones that directly involve our government.

- Food Subsidies: by manipulating the market with farm subsidies foreign agriculture (sometimes the only real industry in the nation) is rendered uncompetitive in the US market. When the US GDP equals most if not all other countries combined it becomes obvious how a level un-manipulated playing field is important giving individuals the ability to provide for themselves no matter what origin.

- NAFTA: Free trade can't be mandated, it's an absence of mandates. NAFTA falsely under the name of free trade manages trade among the countries involved limiting the growth in certain areas. Any growth in these nations since, didn't occur cause of NAFTA, but in spite of NAFTA.

- Foreign Policy: When you refuse to trade with countries like Venezuela and Cuba, you do not hurt the the oppressive regime but give them reason to take more from the innocent citizens of the nation who already are being oppressed enough. By allowing the citizens of that nation to be able trade in the US market they can do better for themselves and not have to leave their nation of origin due to a ceiling of living standards.

(NOTE: by policy such as NAFTA and Embargo's limiting foreign trade we actually decrease competition in the market which increased prices and decreases quality.)

Victim #2 - US Taxpayer - the more stress you put on the US government, the more stress the government puts on the taxpayer which in turn puts more stress on the government in a vicious cycle. So while the US's protectionist involvement in subsidies and NAFTA hurt ours ability to get our bang for our buck and devastates foreign economies, the Taxpayer is then forced subsidize illegal behavior through government benefits to illegal immigrants. It's reasonable that a taxpayer would be upset when the amount of their heard earned money being stolen from them increases and it goes to someone who has violated the law, it's very reasonable sentiment cause of government tax and welfare policy.

(NOTE: the issue isn't should the government take care of illegal immigrants or not, the issue is should government provide such a benefits to anyone when the bill is being footed by the taxpayer unwillingly, it's an issue of the welfare state in general that reaches into the immigration dynamics.)

So essentially, both victims of circumstances created by international bodies but instead of working together to fix the protectionist and interventionist policies that victimize them, they have been pitted against each other in a political battle that either call for more protectionism or more interventionism depending on which side you align yourself with.

I choose neither, no issue can be solved by protectionism or by interventionism, but only by freedom of individuals to trade freely and provide for themselves wherever they are. This is the solution, this is what we are working towards, true free trade free from government manipulation on an international scale.

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