Friday, June 6, 2008

#127 - And the elections roll on...

Hey Guys,

A year ago we all though it would be a Clinton vs. Giuliani election, while I'm not exactly spiffy on the current crop of candidates I sure am happy Clinton and Giuliani didn't make the cut. So let's take a look at Current candidates for sure.

Barack Obama - Democrat - While I disagree with Obama on many issues, I do believe in his sincerity but while an honest guy is nice, what the country needs is a philosophical shift so I won't be voting for Obama, but I think at this point it's safe to say he's our next president. I can't get behind anybody who doesn't understand the 10th amendment. His likeability pretty much kills an impression for Nader and the Green Party on the polls.

John Mccain - Republican - Again an honest guy, but not only do I disagree with Mccain, but I think on most issues he's damaging and out of touch than an Obama. Mccain views on an arrogant foreign policy alone is reason enough not to vote for him. The fracture of having such a moderate candidate as their nominee will give much more relevance to Bob Barr and the Libertarian party in this election.

Bob Barr - Libertarian - I definetley agree with him on most issues, while is saddens me that Monetary policy isn't really part of his platform when it's probably the single most important issue. Although a strong Bob Barr showing would signal and give some more momentum to a national philosophy based on individualism instead of the Collectivism that infests Mccain and Obama.

Ralph Nader - Independant - Once again running as an indpendant I think Obamas "cult" status just about renders Nader and whoever results as the green party nominee pretty obsolete in this election.

I think I'm comfortable saying Chuck Baldwin will win the Constitionalist Nod, and Cynthia Mckiney for the Green Party. We'll see if anyone gets added to roster.

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