Thursday, January 10, 2008

#88 - Why Ron Paul can still win! BELIEVE!

Don't worry I will return to posting informative and educational stuff after the elections calm down a bit. Here is some info floating around the forums discussing the Ron Paul campaign strategy.

"Remember the secret plan? You’re about to see it! plus Words of wisdom from your fellow supporters.
From this thread:Remember the secret plan? You’re about to see itThe money was purposefully saved, prepare to get sick of Ron on national TV.and,I just gave you all I knew.They were undershooting so they could get 3rd in the first two states…they weren’t far off in either. They didn’t WANT first, as it’s politically bad with super tuesday so far off (call it the buchannon effect).Then comes the media blitz, you WILL see the money, and they WILL be targeting proper demographics now that they have the info, this is how he has won all of his elections. No other republican can effectively use the demographic information (fix the economy, end the war).I don’t know anything beyond that other than they are hoping for others to drop out so he gets more air time during debates.Others shared these thoughts:“The media has been saying all along he is not viable, so we didn’t really lose much, yet.
”“It was hardly a very far fifth place finish it was damn close.”“I have heard this too from the campaign! I had a good cry last night, but I am over it and ready to keep fighting the fight!This aint over till the fat lady sings!”“This would be good, especially since all the candidates have blown all their money on the first couple of states, and then Ron Paul comes in and blasts all the states on Super Tuesday with ads to take the lead right out from under everybody….BRILLIANT!”
“Facts we do know hereBased upon expenditure reports from air time being bought in NH and IA1. RP appears to have about $20 million still stashed2. RP is asking for another $23 million3. RP Campaign has played it low key at first - look at the first few ads4. RP Campaign came out with 4 great ads recently5. RP campaign is starting tv and radio ads in 10 states this week based upon press releases6. RP campaign definitely didn’t do an early state strategy in spite of funds raised and looking back if you think how much time and resources spent there by all campaigns RP was never going to stand out from the pack in IA and NH.”
“Gotta really think about it. It would be a good idea. This giga Tuesday thing is new. We cannot look at Iowa and NH as significant at all. It may be that Ron’s campaign has thought outside the box on this. If you think about it…here in California, I talk about the primaries with people and the majority cannot even name a candidate. This especially applies to the republican candidates.”
“The more that I think about this….and from the snippets I heard while in IA the more it becomes obvious that they have taken this course.For three reasons:1. Its impossible to stand out from the crowd in IA and NH2. The field is way too crowded right now… let it settle out some first and let everyone beat up on each other and get bloodied up3.. Most of their money in all honesty came in in the last month… too late to be spent on IA and NH but perfect for laying out a post IA, NH media blitz that will be unrivaled as other campaigns starve for cash”
“Is Ron Paul not the “thinking man’s candidate?” Once you consider this, “aiming for 3rd” strategy, it really does make sense, whether the poster was privvy to inside info or not. If Ron is sitting on a pile of cash now, why the hell would he continue to hold onto it? I’ll assume he plans on spending it!Without having to spend a dime, Ron Paul, in a clever way, could be said to have used these two events in IA and NH to fish out all manner of valuable demographic information. Now that he’s got this info on so many important particulars, he can put his war chest to better use than ever before, instead of having to dump piles of cash into various efforts and cross his fingers. If you’ve got less money, overall, than people like Romney, Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, you’d better do your research first so you can get the most for your money when it comes time to spend. Does this not make perfect sense?This is an intelligent man and regardless of what happens, this is not over until 2009.Eyes on the prize”
“Ahh I love speculation… though so much of it makes sense… because if you think about it… the campaign really didn’t try hard at all for either of IA or NH, RP and Kent Snyder have had 20 years to plan this… RP has beaten the establishment before big time so everyone cheer up, don’t lose heart and donate some more money!”
“I’ve been mulling this all over tonight, and in reading this, the thought occured to me - does Ron Paul now hang his head and hang it up? and I honestly think the man would laugh at such an idea. He’s been a lone voice for decades - these results are nothing but encouragement for him.The votes have not proven he’s a front runner, but they do NOTHING to prove his ideas wrong. Nothing whatsoever. He knows he’s right, we know he’s right. He’s got the Constitution, the founders, history and economics on his side, and he’s going to keep fighting the good fight as long as we stand with him.Let’s stand with our man and march with him all the way, to the end.”
“Remember the field was too crowded at first.Now Romney is hurting bad, Rudy is tanking, Thompson is sleeping, Huckabee is bogus, and McCain is still insane.”
“You all are missing the big picture.We are a few % points away from #3. You want everyone else to kill everyone else. Then you step in to fill the void.It is political strategy. If you think Dr. Paul is smart enough to understand the fed, the war, and so on: Why not understand that he knows what he is doing. He is playing the fiddle just like Huckabee….Wait and watch”
“This thread is making me think. Even moreso, maybe Paul is crazy… just crazy like a fox.1) You’re sitting on the largest Republican war chest2) All your opponent’s fundraising is on life support, or they blew all their money in the first two or three primaries.3) Each of the other candidates has a huge huge negative that will show up and turn off republican votersIf they can pull the following off, it would be the greatest election coup in history:Parity of wins gives each candidate a few days in the sun, or a few days of good grilling by the conservative media for their undesirable chances. Huck’s vast tax and spending, McCain’s amnesty fiasco and McCain-Feingold, all of Rudy’s baggage from NYC, and Thompson’s lack of enthusiasm and personality all weigh on the mind of the Republican voters. Look at the first two primary winners for Iowa and NH:Do you think people from the more liberal states are going to look at Huckabee and actually say, “I’ll vote for him”? No, they’re gonna see that record of his and remind themselves that they would never do that. He won Iowa, now he placed 3rd in NH.Do you think people from the South and West are going to look at McCain and not remember the amnesty BS? They’re not going to vote for him. He placed 3rd in Iowa. In NH he pulled off a win. Is he going to win in Michigan or SC? No way.As for second place, do you think people are going to look at Romney after he blew all his chances on two states, and consider him an electable candidate? When he polls at 12% nationally? And all of those flip flops from his days as governor?He notices that Hillary is being built up as the comeback girl, which causes splinters in Obama’s support among independents. They end up looking for a new option, and it ain’t Edwards.Meanwhile, Paul sits back; he lets the media in Iowa and NH do his polling work for him - with real election results, not opinion polls. He lets his opponents spend themselves into debt. He allows each one of them a few days in the spotlight to allow Republican voters to remember why they suck. He figures out what voting blocs are voting on what issue, and how independent voters are swinging. Using this he super-targets on the winning issues with his 20 million dollar war chest in the 2 weeks prior to super Tuesday (to get the most bang for the buck) while the grassroots continues, and the blimp flies on in SC and Florida.It couldn’t be possible… could it?” "


K Squared said...

I sure do hope and pray that it's possible. I'll keep donating and supporting RP until his second term expires or he exits the race (which isn't going to happen). Even then, after my tangible RP bumper sticker has worn out and fallen off the car, the intangible concept of individual freedom, sound economics, and a rational foreign policy will forever be ingrained in my mind--forever influencing those around me.

And the best part is, I'm only one of many (read: millions) who feel this way.

Ron Paul 2008. Do it for America.

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Michael said...

This sounds similar to the "rope-a-dope" stategy. I lost a couple hundred dollars on George Foreman when he lost to Ali. I thought the younger, bigger, and stronger Foreman would easily beat Ali. Ali took a pounding for several rounds, but Foreman got tired and eventually knocked out. I would love to be on the winning side of a "rope-a-dope" strategy.