Wednesday, January 9, 2008

#87 - A Letter to Ron Paul supporters and fans of Liberty

My Fellow Americans,

I write this letter as a decree of a shift in our nation. The message of Liberty and Independence has once again struck the nerve of the American pulse, thanks to one mans honesty and integrity, Ron Paul. As we all band together around his message of Liberty, we must realize the change needed in this country can't be done with only one person in one office.

This is the purpose of the Liberty Independence Alliance, to be a network of friendship and hope. To be the center of our continuing efforts to put people like Ron Paul in the many positions in our system to help move the country back towards liberty. So across party and state lines, I ask you to join the LIA and help take our country back and restore the power to the American People. This is our fight, this fight is now, this fight must be won.

With Hope, Hector Alexander Merced LIA Founder & Administrator
Author of the blog: Cause for Freedom

The 9 Principles of The LIA

Liberty, Integrity, Accountability, Federalism, Law, Knowledge, Diplomacy, Individualism, and Civility

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