Friday, January 11, 2008

#90 - Ron Paul Supporters Investigate Newsletter

Hey Guys,

We in the grassroots stand by our man and have been working hard to find solid proof to exonerate Dr. Paul. Some things to think about?

- If Ron Paul is so racist why would he fight so much to promote the ideas of Ghandi and Martin Luther King in all his speeches and books

- Why would democrat Dennis Kucinich be one of his best friends

- Why is Ron Paul such an avid Muhammad Ali fan andused Alis Rope a Dope strategy in winning many elections

Here some detective work my people at the :

"The "writer" of the racist newslettes writes "I bought my first copy of the men's fashion magazine GQ..."

But in a conversation written in an article by the New York Times from this summer, Paul has no idea what that magazine is.

"“GQ wants to profile you on Thursday,” Benton continues. “I think it’s worth doing.”

“GTU?” the candidate replies.

“GQ. It’s a men’s magazine.”

“Don’t know much about that,” Paul says. "

Hopefully my quick google search can clear up some misconceptions people have about Paul."


1 comment:

Grantland said...

Fact is, whoever wrote them, every statement on those newsletters is true, if somewhat colorful. I'd argue that RP was exhausted, he made a mistake, he needs to set the record straight, he's had it with the PC of the Overlords, he did and does believe blacks have pathologies and he withdraws his grovelling apologies. He wanted to draw the country together, but not at the expense of his integrity.

Probably a minority opinion.