Thursday, January 31, 2008

#105 - The Bottom Line About Ron Paul

The bottom line after super Tuesday for the Ron Paul campaign will be the grassroots ability to have Ron Paul delegates organized in EVERY STATE. These efforts were those of last year and hopefully it went well so when we go to the GOP convention even if Mccain or Romney won enough delegates to avoid a brokered convention our delegates can:

1) Vote on the platform on the Republican party returning it to constitutional values

2) Vote to unbound the delegates so that all these delegates can vote for who they want and not who their respective states had bound them to

This is why knowing the process is important, and we have been working to get our people in those delegates spots for awhile. So, all those people from states that had already voted are wondering, what do I do now?

1) Mail your left over Ron Paul materials to an upcoming state

2) Work with your local meet-up groups and peers to put together a slate of congressional and senate candidates for your state and get them elected

3) Join the online grassroots @, and the Liberty Independence Alliance.

4) Create informational websites like Mine (sign up for the mailing list), and organize local conventions and workshops to educate people on the principles of liberty.

5) Promote Ron Pauls new book "Revolution: A Manifesto"

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