Wednesday, January 30, 2008

#104 - Dismantling the Government

People argue that the government needs to fix your problems... does anybody else get super scared like me when too much power is concentrated in one place. I mean I recently made a podcast talking about this topic. I mean it's like a nuclear bomb, a huge concentration of power that can be used for good and bad, but much easier for bad.

Bush had one of the most corrupt, inept administrations I think in US history rivaling Woodrow Wilson for most egregious long term destruction of the US economy. I thank my lucky stars that the government wasn't more powerful when he was in office at the thought of what more damage he could of done. Now the people on the left want to give more power to the government?

Don't they realize even if all their big central government altruism would prove to work against all sound economic principles and logic, that it would be inevitable that another lackluster Bush like person would ascend to the presidency someday. What will happen then?

This is why I can only sleep at night by supporting Ron Paul, he's the only man running for office not cause he thin he can run the country better but cause he thinks the PEOPLE can run the country better. Localized decision making will make people happier, and be much more efficient. People are empowered and generally more optimistic when they feel their voice is heard in the democratic process.

Do you feel your voice is heard more in a town meeting of you local peers, or heard by the assumptions of those elected to go to Washington DC and make decisions for millions of people. Think about it?

I don't want to join congress to have power, but to dismantle our growing central government and restore the power to the people of this nation to fix their problems promptly instead of waiting years for miracles at the federal level.

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