Monday, January 28, 2008

#103 - Boycott MTV Ron Paul Exlcusion

Ron Paul has been excluded from this Myspace/MTV event, now it's time to start the boycott against Rupert Murdoch in full effect. FoxNEWS/MTV/Myspace and their sponsers must be boycotted.

- Call your local cable provider demand them to remove these channels or cancel your service
- Sell any stock you have in Fox
- Call their sponsers and demand they pull their sponsership

Join the in order to express you disgust

Ron Paul has more gross votes that Giuliani who HAS been invited, this is an outrage. Ron Paul has gotten 2nd place in two state, Giuliani hasn't done better than 4th. This is an Outrage.


mary said...

more arrows for our quivers!!!
Hey,does anyone know who to contact about a possible campaign song? I would like to suggest
Golden Ribbons By Loggins and Messina GREAT TUNE

newlookimage said...

Edelman for MySpace
Sara Parker
(202) 350-6651

Marnie Black
(212) 258-7004

Jason Rzepka
(212) 654-7198

The Associated Press
Jack Stokes
(212) 621-1720

Tedium said...

How about we have a myspacebomb- on the same day, say the day before the debate, we get as many people as we can to quit myspace as we can. That immediately reflects back onto the sponsors, who pay for those ads to have an audience.

Marissa said...

Ironic considering, as I recall, Ron Paul actually won the Myspace "primaries".

Shaun Pickford said...

The MySpace site now says he is invited...