Sunday, January 27, 2008

#102 - Protecting Americas Future

Protecting Americas Future

by Alex Merced

As a concerned American we must learn from the past and look to the future to avoid past mistakes and embrace future triumphs. In order to improve the future of this nation, we must look to the next generation. The children who are here now and the ones that are to come, have by ours and previous generations seen their opportunities and liberties stolen from a government with no regard for the constitution and the ideals of freedom this country was founded on.

Our children our losing out to a quality education as the bureaucracy known as the Department of Education continues to eat tax dollars that can go to helping improve schools on the state level. Our children are losing jobs due to government intervention in the economy. Our children are losing their lives due to a disregard of life before birth and disregard for the lives of Americas bravest men and women in sending them to intervene in the internal conflicts of other nations.

If we can work together to get the voices we need in the congress and the senate to shrink government size and spending, we can make some significant changes, primarily that of ending the IRS. Can we end the IRS overnight? No. It will take years of fighting for lower spending from the government and against inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve in order to get to the level needed to safely remove the IRS. Although, this is the goal we must focus on even if it can't be overnight we must not lose sight of the ideals of this nation.

Of course when we lower taxes and get rid of the IRS, this would free up the funds of the citizens to do things like afford to send their kids to private schools or home school, or work with their state legislature to improve their public and charter schools. Funds can't fix our education system alone, we must return authority back to the parents and end the department of education. Only then can schools be accountable to the taxpayers who fund them, and to the states in which they reside.

An education fuels many things, the ability for our children to be creative and see new ways to use the freedom this great nation strives for. Education gives our children to innovate and analyze the world around them to shape and change the dialog in all respects. Without these critical skills it limits the opportunities available to our children but so does a shrinking job market due to bad economic policy. Regulation raises the barriers of entry for small businesses giving the major corporations more control over the markets raising the prices and limiting the potential for new jobs. The welfare state steals the hard earned funds from tax payers to subsidize others, who should be helped but by voluntary and charitable means. The welfare state saps the funds of government which then in turns raises taxes which decreases job market increasing the lower class in a vicious cycle of despair.

In order to increase the opportunities for our children in ever expanding global market, we need to increase our trade and diplomatic relationships with other nation. Although, we should not participate in treaties and alliances which forces our nation into resolution and puts our citizens lives at risk for causes that don't serve our best interest. Our loyalty is to our nation and what it stand for, not to our currently inflated government, and not to the government of other nations. With expanding trade we bring jobs to our nation, and by staying out of the internal affairs of other nations we bring our nation more friends around the world. The power of peace and friendship is not lost, but it must be revitalized to improve the America of tomorrow.

Education, the economy, foreign policy and every issues that crosses the mind of our citizens shapes the future of this nation and future of it's children. We must not lose sight of the American Dream, we make sure those to come will have just as much if not more opportunity to dream of better tomorrow as each and every one of us.

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steve said...

end unaccountable spending
free up 500 billion then redirect 110 billion + cap admin/other costs = only way to solve healthcare

this then alleviates the burden to small businesses who pay 2-3 times that of inflated individual health premiums. This then creates jobs better than any politician plan.