Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#85 - No matter what! the World is Changing, even if it's slow

As a Ron Paul supporter we're all hoping for a 180 degree change of how this country works, and while economically we're being left few other options other than a drastic change it doesn't mean you shouldn't appreciate the changes that are happening.

Two states have had their election record turnouts, more people are caring, more people want to effect how the country works. Many of them are not yet embracing the message of liberty and humility of Ron Paul, but the fact they voted means people are more open to new ideas than ever before even if it takes longer than a few months for the 180 degrees of change we want. Ron Paul took 30 years of consistency despite the world being against him to spark what's going on now and it's growing faster than he ever imagined, so never let them take that away.

The world is changing, people are starting to care, just keep spreading the message they are open to it but it takes time and a lot of personal soul searching for it to settle in most people. Don't be disheartened by an election that is so compressed everyones message and politics get lost in a distortion of time and media.

We can save the world one person at a time, with knowledge comes creativity and creativity plus consistency equals change. never forget. Never Surrender.

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Lars said...

Thanks for this perspective. Your point about low turnout is an important one. It made me think that we may actually be damaging our own campaign by making as much noise as we have been making. Respectful conversations with people in our local area and positive comments to our local newspapers may work better than loud demonstrations that may just get our opponents the reason they need to get to the polls. Support to the local newspapers/media/others who support us is what we work on at www.WhatTheySayAboutRonPaul.com. I have added a link to your article.