Saturday, January 12, 2008

#92 - Pacifism, Civil Disobedience, and Ron Paul

I love Ron Paul cause when he calls people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks as his heroes, he really embodies what he learns from them. I made a video discussing Civil liberties which I will post in a second but I'm going to rehash and elaborate first.

When doing battle like these heroes of Liberty you have very little advantages against the oppressive establishment, all you have is the ground advantage of being right and having the conviction to follow through. History has shown that the establishment will spit on you, kick you, call you crazy to quiet your message.

They did this to Ghandi, they did this to MLK Jr., and now they are doing this to Ron Paul. Some may find it odd I put them in the same category, but show me a man who has surmounted the odds against a party who over 10 congressional election has continually tried to defeat him and silent him but can't. Show me a man more honest about the governments shorts comings and the possible dangers who puts his life day in and day out for nation where many laugh at him and call him crazy, with a media that slanders and demeans him despite a lifetime of dedicated service to this country.

This man is a hero of unique caliber which we do not deserve, he is the only one with the conviction to stand in the face of every possible adversity and smile and continue saying what he's been saying.

This is why when dealing with the oppressive powers that be there is only one way to maintain the advantage which is by pacifism and civil disobedience, cause it gives you the high ground and a elevation advantage. Now the establishment can't use force to retaliate without strengthening the surviving message and movement, they can't martyr and effectively slander you through pacifist means.

PETA is an organization that has used coercive and aggressive means to spread a message and what happens? It only gives fodder to the establishment to much easier portray them as kooks and domestic terrorist further undermining their message. Ron Paul avoid this by the taking the long and hard road of Pacifism and Civil Disobedience.

Ask yourself, What Would Ron Paul Do?

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