Monday, January 14, 2008

#94 - Ron Paul Odds and Ends

First off, I would like to apologize for the sensationalizing of the Charles Rangle military legislation, it was misleading of me to frame it the way I did. Although, the issue of the draft is one that should stay in political discourse as long as the selective service exists.

With increasing military commitments and decreasing military recruitment something is going to have to happen to continue these commitments. I hope they aren't planning on sending our men and women on a 4th deployment already, and if military action in Iran or Pakistan does occur be sure they will need troops to do so and they will rationalize putting the draft back on the table like in the past. This is especially disconcerting when candidates like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Mccain have all discusses and mentioned the idea of mandatory military service in passing during addresses.

This is not some irrelevant issue in todays political climate. It's quite the opposite.

In other news I have started a community blog for Ron Paul supporters to post their thoughts and videos, if you'd like to be a contributor get in touch with me. The blog is found at.

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