Monday, December 3, 2007

#13 - Ron Paul the Tortoise, Huckabee the Hare

Hey Guys,

Let's recap a bit of the huge shift in the playing field we've seen since the CNN debate. Romney and Giuliani the original frontrunners have spent so many months attacking each others credibility that now both of them are plummeting very fast in national polls. Mccain has plateaued, Thompson is going up and down, and Ron Paul steadily goes up and doesn't call too much attention. The break through story though is Huckabees rocket propelled trip to the top of the GOP race, blazing ahead of everyone soon to overtake a plummeting Giulianis top spot.

As a Ron Paul supporter at first this angered me, how America could so easily be swayed by sweet talk of compassionate tax spending and a few good jokes, but then somebody said "now Huckabee is the new target".

We know how vile Romney and Giuliani can be, couple that with desperation from Mccain and Thompson, Huckabee has a huge target on his head from a very dangerous troupe of politicos. So did Huckabee rise so fast just to go out in a blazing ball of glory, appropriate for someone who wanted to be a rockstar in his younger days. Huckabee is now the proverbial Hare in the presidential race, an odds on favorite who's lead is his greatest weakness.

On the other hand, you have Ron Paul very much like the tortoise, calm, humble and steadfast no matter what people say the odds are. Ron Paul like Huckabee has only seen positive growth yet Huckabee has gotten all the fame and attention while Paul just plows on. While Huckabee is busy defending himself from the barrage of attacks from the other GOP "frontrunners", Ron Paul will be still steadily point by hard fought point be climbing the polls. Paul will accomplish this with very little opposition compared to the other five candidates with really only Mccains last gasp for air in New Hampshire to really directly target him.

Will the tale of these two presidential candidates end up living up to this epic parable, will slow and steady win the race?

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Ron Paul is doing a great job at standing out among the crowd. I'm curious to know if this is all a tactic to improve his position.


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