Wednesday, December 5, 2007

#21 - Ron Paul for Minorities

"The Well-Intentioned dogooder legislated minimum wage laws to help the poor and minorities, causing higher unemployment in the precise groups who were intended to be the beneficiaries"
- Ron Paul in congress September 19, 1984

This is what Ron Paul had to tell congress a year before I even born in congress, kinda puts life in perspective thinking about the impact Paul has had already. I'm a Latino growing up in a Guatemalan/Puerto Rican family and have lived in Connecticut, Ohio, Florida, and soon New York so I've seen many minority issues take new life in many areas of the country. While I was typically a left leaning voter, the more I have read about Austrian Economics and Non-Interventionism Ron Paul truly has everyones best interest in mind.

Just in the statement above you see how the anti-social program stance of Ron Paul doesn't hurt but helps provide jobs in the inner city where we see the highest concentration of minorities under the poverty line, the ones who need those jobs the most. Ron Paul this Sunday will be participating in Spanish language debate on Univision, he previously was at a debate at Morgan State University, a historically black college, where he fielded many questions on minority issues where he explained how individual freedoms benefit EVERYONE.

Here are some of his position that effect Minority Issues:

The Welfare State - Ron Paul believes it's the welfare state, that is destroying all the jobs in the inner city's and causing jobs to go over seas. Through interventionist laws that control wages and give benefits to those who haven't earned it, it makes our country less competitive globally which forces jobs overseas. Programs that reward people with health care and other benefits facilitate for deficit spending which causes inflation which devalues your money, government spending is stealing YOUR MONEY. This would improve the economy which would bring more jobs to inner cities and can relieve a lot of the misplaced blame on immigrants for the state of the economy.

The Death Penalty - Ron Paul used to be for the Death Penalty, but after years of seeing it unfairly used believes that the wealthy don't serve justice, and this penalty is unjustly enforced on minorities.

The Drug War - By ending the war on drugs, it destroys the drug economy that funds gangs, drug cartels, and terrorists. This would reduce violence in inner cities and in the bulk of Latin America, it'd create a new industry with new jobs that can make sure these drugs are handled safely. This would also give the opportunity to hospitals to offer more resources to drug users seeking help who would otherwise not ask for it fearing legal repercussions.

Immigration - Ron Paul feels that the effect of the welfare state on the economy has made immigrants the scape goat for bad US economic policy. He does not want to reward illegal immigration with benefits such as healthcare and birthright citizenship for the children of Illegal immigrants and he is against amnesty and is for enforcing immigration laws. He is for increasing the amount of legal immigration as the flawed economic policy of the US gets fixed, cause then there will be a demand for foreign labor in a true free market. Ideally, Ron Paul would be pro open borders if there is ever a pure free market economy similar to Sweden in the US.

Get involved, spread the word about freedom, Ron Paul in 2008!

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