Monday, December 17, 2007

#40 Individual Liberty and Ron Paul

Hey Guys,

I thoughts I'd take the opportunity to discuss Individual Liberty and everything we've discussed up until now. Ron Paul compared to any candidate on any ballot is the staunchest supporter of civil liberties. Whether it's ending the violation to your privacy by ending the patriot act and the CIA, or giving you control over your hard earned property by ending the the IRS. Although from everything we discussed before let's reiterate... what is civil liberties.

The idea of Individual Liberties operates under the idea that we are each as individuals, that we do not inherently belong to groups or collectives. We are one person with liberty to do as we please, and so is every other individual despite any differences there may be between us. So you have the rights to do or believe whatever you want, acquire property and do with it what you want. These liberties are your to enjoy until your direct actions impede on someone else's civil liberties.

Some Examples:

- When you take someones life, you have stolen their property (life) = Murder
- When you take someones property other than life this is theft
- If you force someone to believe in your ideology by coercion this is enslavement and is in violation of their liberties

Outside of Murder, Theft, and Enslavement people have the liberty to do as they please as all actions that are violations of Liberty fall under one of those three categories.

The state (government) to the individualist derives it's power from the individuals who formed it, so it can't have powers that it's boss does not have. For example, as an employee you can only have as much authority as your boss, he can't give you authority he does not have. So the government can't have authority we do not have.


- Income Tax: Theft of property. We do not have the right to take our neighbors income so the government does not have the authority to take your property, same thing with imminent domain. Although a usage tax for government services is fair, since you pay into the services you use such paying a toll for a road.

This is essentially the idea behind Individualist Liberty from the standpoint of great minds such as John Stuart Mill, Isaiah Berlin, Robert Nozwick, Ludwig Von Mises, G. Edward Griffin, and many more. All great people who have added a lot to this body of Freedom.


Help Ron Paul protect us from tyranny and vote in 2008, and join the Freedom movement at the Liberty Independence Alliance.

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Thomas B. Hill said...

Well said, my brother! The true test of love is to love your neighbors enough to allow them to live their lives, as they please, so long as their actions do not violate the rights of others.

Keep fighting for Free Will!

Thomas Hill
Past Chair, Libertarian Party of N.C.