Wednesday, December 26, 2007

#60 - Liberty isn't Easy, Ron Paul for Freedom

The Moment you stop fighting for Liberty You begin losing Liberty

This is what seems to be forgotten by the left, who criticize Ron Paul's aversion from letting Central Government control the states and individuals to make decisions for themselves in accordance to many issues, usually referring to sodomy laws in Texas. While these laws are ridiculous, and Ron Paul would agree, to give the issue to the central government is to say that the federal government can regulate social behavior even if the intent is one of liberty, this precedence gives authority for even greater controls on a national level.

Laws like the sodomy laws in Texas should be fought on the state level by getting involved and civil disobedience which Ron Paul continually endorses as great methods of change. Although, we can't for the sake of our liberty bring this to the Federal level and this is where this ideological divide occurs. The left feels that if the Federal Government just takes authority that then they can make the laws with the intention of protecting and granting rights and engineering an ideal society (same as the Neo-Cons), they differ on what their ideal society is.

The Left Feels the federal government should be used to promote protection from exposure to each others ideology while granting rights to certain individuals to create some fictional balance between humanly constructed people groups and force individuals to make decisions about their consumption and personal property that fall in their definition of ideal for the environment and social welfare cause of some imposed sense of what everyone elses responsibility to others should be.

This is the same Logic Neo-Cons use to justify using the federal government to promote a Fundamentalist Christian state where laws determine personally "moral" behavior where outside cultural influences are dealt with by military coercion to the principles of those in control of the state.

Ron Paul is fighting for freedom from both versions of a tyrannical state, where you can believe and act as you please, and so can he. Everybody wins in a Ron Paul world no matter how you differ on issues cause Liberty serves all ideals. Stripping the Federal government of it's accumulated power is the first step, but afterwards the battle for freedom on a local level occurs and is a fight that will always be fought but is much easier to manage. The fight never ends, but as anything can be manageable when broken into smaller chunks.

To Preserve Liberty is to preserve the ability for individuals to believe in something you don't agree with, and to protect the actions of those that you don't condone. Ron Paul has stood for this and this protection of Liberty is being used to criticize the most Honest American I'll ever have the pleasure of voting for.

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