Friday, December 28, 2007

#67 - Boycott FOXnews... UNTIL IT'S OFF THE AIR

Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Park, Muhammad Ali, all people who practiced civil disobedience in times when oppression reared it's ugly head. While each a symbol of a movement, they did not stand alone. It was the actions of many individuals that made these symbols resonate so much in the history of the united states.

For no justifiable reason the promoter of Liberty and Civil Disobedience, Ron Paul, has been excluded from the FOXnews forum in New Hampshire with the other presidential candidates. This isn't an isolated instance and Ron Paul isn't the only one who's been slighted in FOXnews oppressive collectivist propaganda. Now there is no redemption for FOXnews, there is only one way to hold them accountable through civil disobedience, BOYCOTT FOX NEWS.

How Long should we boycott FOXnews?


Why? FOXnews is not the only news channel or media outlet that has shown it's propagandist colors this election season, but it surely is the worst offender and must no be made an example. An example to media outlets and journalists everywhere that the citizens of the US will not lay silent to problems at home and abroad and demand truly "fair and balanced" coverage of what's going on. When it comes to something as important as the President of the United States, the citizens must be aware of their every option. Not only should Ron Paul be at the presidential forum, but third parties across the nation should be taken seriously and treated as voices of the people by the media.

1. Join the and find the list of FOXnews Sponsers and call them to tell them you are boycotting their products until they stop sponsering FOXnews

2. Tell your local businesses the same

3. Boycott FOXnews itself

It's time to take back the lines of communication in this country back! This is our stand, this is our opportunity to fight for Liberty the way the greatest in history have through civility and pride in our Country and the constitution which holds it together. Don't let your country down and fight this battle to very end.

There is No Victory until FOXnews is off the Air

Check Youtube Tomrrow for a Video Response from Myself

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defenderofliberty said...

I got an email today that said that Ron Paul has not been excluded from that debate, but that the confusion was a result of an AP article that didn't list him as one of the people who will be participating.