Monday, December 31, 2007

#71 - Timebomb: The Crisis of 2008

2007 has come to a close, and as this video shows, the growing economic crisis has created a ticking time bomb on the life of the USA. This year not only when looking at your presidential candidates, but also in congress you need to make sure the candidates address this economic crisis.

Our Job in the Crisis of 2008

- Return to sound money and put an end to the inflation that is eating away at the savings of the middle class and the poor, preventing them from even attempting to catch up with the upper class.

- Restore our civil liberties that has been loss due to the rise in executive power and the abuse of that power.

- Restore a balanced budget that will aid in our mission to curve inflation.

- Save American and foreign lives and restore a diplomatic foreign policy of commerce and friendship and end the war in Iraq.

I advise people to vote Ron Paul for president as the most knowledgeable and passionate candidate on these issues. I ask that even if you can't support Ron Paul for whatever reason to learn about these issues and help the Freedom Movement do battle with the economic and political forces that are slowly killing out nation.

Learn. Educate. Change the World.

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