Friday, June 13, 2008

#130 - Ron Pauls Ends Historic Run for President

Hey Guys,

Last night was really the end of something special, but Ron Pauls presidential campaign has bowed out with grace and left something much greater in it's wake. After the ashes has settled and the sun has risen what we're still left with is a strong fertile seed of political enlightenment stretching across the USA and the world. Who knows is this seed has bloomed in time to save this nation, but it's arrived in time to give the world a second chance to embrace again what has given us our greatest moments, individualism.

Ron Paul is to now go on and continue to champion the philosophies and principles he has championed since who knows how long. Many have been inspired and aspire to places of concentrated power to dilute that power and return it to the people. No meaningful policy/behavioral change can happen without first a sincere appeal to the hearts and minds of the individual and this year presidential race has been one that has captured the imagination and return to it the hope of an American dream.

Thank you Ron Paul, and Welcome Back America

The path now is clear

- Continue to educate people on Non-Interventionism, Monetary Policy, Individualism, and the virtue of personal responsibility

- Support all our brothers in arms running for local seats of office

- Shock the establishment with one of the best Libertarian showings in the presidential race ever and vote for Bob Barr.

Whether your a Barr fan or not, at this point it's about showing the establishment that we will only keep the two party fisade for so long, and will hold them accountable for the destruction of collectivist policy.

No more idealogical compromises, no more partisan fractures,
Just Freedom, Just Liberty

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