Saturday, June 21, 2008

#132 - Who to vote for in November?


I've talked to many people wondering who they should vote for in November since they can't get behind Mccain or Obama. This leaves 4 choices Mccinkey, Nader on the left, and Baldwin,Barr on the right.

First off, if you think Obama and Mccain are big government politicans, Mcckiney and Nader really take the cake. First off course they want a single payer healthcare plan, a carbon tax, plus think it's possible to truly regulate speculation of market prices.

This is what truly annoyed, speculation and it's effects on the market are function of human behavior and if you want to reduce it you need educated investors not representatives tied to a leash of extreme liability. Regulation kills the informed investor cause they become less informed cause it's regulated and they'll be fine, Uncle Sam is watching the details for them. As a securities law instructor it get's pretty frustrating.

It's funny how evolution is such a big issue on the left, yet they are not willing to natural selection occur for the human species and let nature take it's course opting for welfare programs and debt.

Now on the right we got Chuck Baldwin who I think just by virtue of being Christian minister is too polarizing a figure to truly built the coalition needed to make a statement about the liberty platform in November.

This is why I think the Barr/Root ticket is the best vehicle to unite and demonstrate our numbers, I trust Barr but it's not about him, he may do well but he's not going to win. It's about having a solid number to demonstrate to the establishment that we are growing and organizing.

They know there's a lot of us, but if we can't stay organized, we're no threat, and no concern.

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