Thursday, August 7, 2008

#138 - Appreciating the Phenomenon

Everyday I hear some baseless optimism that Obama is gonna change things for the better. Of course, Policy wise for the most part I feel that this is not that case since we're in store for the same deficit keynsian policies that Bush set forth. Though I don't think Mccain is all that better an alternative.

Although there is a greater trend here we should be optimistic about, that is signaled by Obamas nomination and the cult status he and Ron Paul have been able to achieve this election season. They represent a generational passing of the torch, a generation open to change and new ideas, while this season they fell pray to an image touting new ideas, many did look into the depth of the actual alternative Ron Paul presented.

Still, despite another establishment election, there is much symbolism to be optimistic about.

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