Saturday, August 30, 2008

#141 - The Good News


As a Classic Liberal/Paleo-Conservative it was kind of a very inspiring year to see the momentum that Ron Paul has generated in the spreading of truly American ideals. While he was not able to win the primaries, there are many indicators in my opinion that show a new generation of electorate are gaining control, and the old guard of both parties are losing the influence they had.

- To me it was obvious the establishment of both parties wanted a Clinton/Giuliani battle come november, this was made obvious by the trail of special interest dollars and party influence. While there two candidates were able to keep the traditional voters on their side. It was two candidates who had the image of outside of the beltway who ended up winning primarily supported by non-traditional party voters.

- Biden/Mccain are washington veterans who have a history of overstepping party boundaries, and represent the reformers of old.

- Obama/Palin represent the new reform of their respective parties and will be the face and voices of their parties to the next generation of US politics that this election is signaling.

- The Palin VP pick to me is a concession by the RNC that they'll need traditional conservatives and libertarians to have a chance in November.

- The growing momentum of Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty shows that while we did not win this year, the signs above that signal a new openess to ideas by the electorate is alive and we are capitalizing on it for future success.

This is a new era, the country is passing the baton to a new generation. The policies and direction this new generation decides begins this november, and either choice will result in more government intervention. Although if we continue to fight to educate and chage the way people thing the government structure will change along with those ideas.

So educate, learn, and be free

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