Saturday, September 6, 2008

#143 - Thoughts on the Beauty of Liberty

I sit in anticipation of Monday when Ron Paul will be having a joint press conference not only with libertarian candidate Bob Barr, but also with Constitution party candidate Chuck Baldwin. I'm not sure what this will be about but I'm sure Paul knows what he is doing.

It's funny to think about everything that has happened this year, and how much i've come to truly appreciate the beauty of freedom, liberty, and being an individual. These three things carry huge responsibility, but anything worth having usually does. There are those who don't want that responsibility or think other should have it and are hoping to place that responsibility eslewhere through dangerous policies and misguided principles.

Although, in a free world, you can wish to not be responsible for your own life but in the end you are cause your life is yours to live. The beauty of liberty is that you can speak against and hate liberty all you want, but liberty will always be available to you cause it truly comes from within, from the choices and actions you make. You can believe in socialism, protectionism, but in the end you are still free to make choices and actions and suffer the consequences.

Freedom isn't a gift, or a burden, it's the reality of being an individual and no amount of policies can truly enslave a true individual. On the same hand, no matter how much you reduce the scope of government, someone with collectivist mindset will still be no less free than before.

Liberty, Freedom, and Individuality is within you, and your for the taking. Take it.

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