Sunday, September 7, 2008

#145 - Denouncing "Liberal" and "Conservative"

Today I denounce the old labels and old hats...

 I was orginally self-labeled a liberal believing that it stood for peoples rights over their own lives, and individual responsbility over peoples own decisions and actions. Later on, I learned liberal had transformed into an ideaology of government welfare stealing personal responsibilty from individuals over their property, labor, and businesses labeling all those who descent selfish and greedy to guilt them into foregoing their rights.

 I then briefly followed the label conservative thinking it was about the belief in personal responsibility and freedom over ones successes and failures, along with a conservation of those rights outlined by by the constituion. Again, this label had transformed itself into an ideology of sub-verting power over other nations and surveilling those who do not fall in line with the hierarchy.

 So one would think I'd embrace a "libertarian" or "consitutionalist" title, but chaining myself to another smaller establishment would do no good or matter cause...

1. Liberty operates independant of the constitution, as much I love the constitution and the foresight of the founding father, if the nation fell tomrrow it would not mean I have lost my right to my will and freedom which is intrinsic in my very existance.

2. To be free of a label doesn't forgoe the reality that changing the system requires playing in the system. The challenge is not losing who you are and what your fighting for as you make your way through.

 So in the end the truly free put on many hats as Lovers of Liberty, and Fighters for Freedom when it's time for change. Whether you call me a Liberty Lover or a Freedom Fighter, when the revolution comes around, you better call me.

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