Friday, November 30, 2007

#5 - Isolationism vs. Non-Interventionism

After reading the article by Ross Slaneff about Iraq, "War was, and still is, a disaster" who I got the impression will be supporting a democratic ticket, I felt the need to respond. Only one candidate is promoting the non-interventionist policy that is needed to bring the troops home, which would have other benefits as saving enough money to alleviate the Social Security deficit. This candidate is Ron Paul, who Glenn Beck said on his show, "is the closest to the founding fathers".

I'll leave it to you to go to Ron Pauls website,, and read the details of his Foreign Policy, but what I would like to do is dispell a common misconception, Non-Interventionism IS NOT Isolationism as John Mccain would like you to think.
Isolationism is the idea that our country should not have any type of relationship with foreign nations, no trade, no diplomacy, nothing. Islationism is very dangerous philosophy which undermines the free market and can kill the economy. Ron Paul is NOT an isolationist, he is a Non-Interventionist.

A Non-Interventionist does not intervene in the foreign affairs of other nations by providing Financial and Military aid to other nations, which would create deficit spending and weaken our national defense. A Non-Interventionist is for free trade with other nations and building friendships through diplomacy and leading by example, this is the school of thought of Ron Paul. The ideas of Civil Liberty and Freedom spread faster through friendship and trade than can ever be spread through coersion and cooptation.

Mccain tried to blame WWII on isolationism during the debates, when it's actually Interventionism through sanctions on Germany that lead to Hitlers rise in power. All I ask is that you grab a history book and understand the motivations and cultures of foreign nations to truly develop a view on world politics.

In response about Fred Thompson last week, my intention was not to undermine his campaign but to allude to the chord Paul has struck in the nation. Fred Thompson is actually very aligned with Ron Paul on most issues except Foreign & Monetary policy. To read more on my political thoughts and rhetoric read my blog, Cause for Freedom, at


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well said! more people need to understand the difference here and how McCain and the mass media muddy the logic.

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