Friday, November 30, 2007

#6 - The Free Market and the Value of Individuality

Dear America,

As a musician I value creativity, individuality, and ambition. It takes a very American idealism to pursue the dream of a music career. Now after many of years of fighting for "fair" trade and government empathy, I realize to truly value individualism is to value the Free Market.

It's in a free market where Creativity and Individuality are truly fostered in the people, where the limits are only drawn by your ability to bring fresh and new ideas to the table. It's in the free market where every individuals journey is theirs and theirs alone to derive art and expression that is unique to them and no one else.

Yet, as a community of individuals, why do we tend to fight against the very thing that has spawned us? I've heard the argument that in Idealized socialist world, the artist will no longer have to worry about struggling for ends meat and can spend his day creating art and discovering expression. Yet it's the struggle, it's the unique circumstances that shape each artists unique perspective and expression. Who is the government, or liberals to take away the struggle that drives inspiration and growth of the individual spirit.

I fight for a world of individuals, where your journey is owned by you to share with no one else. Where a free market of commerce brings us prosperity and innovation while a free market of ideas brings us peace and art. I fight for the freedom and liberty to see such a world exist, a world that great men such as Ron Paul have fought all their lives to restore. I continue this fight in a revolution beginning from the top, starting with the president of the united states and working it's way down into the heart of every individual. I fight in the revolution, the Ron Paul revolution.

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