Saturday, December 1, 2007

#7 - Link for Freedom

Hey Guys,

Well, I write about all this information on the issues revolving our Civil Liberties, Strong Money, and upholding the constitution and so much more. Although, in order for us to unite and accomplish this goal of ending the downward spiral the US is headed in we need to find common grounds of discourse. Here are a variety of Websites in order to learn where people who care and fight for liberty unite and organize, and places to find information.

Social Sites
These are sites that have social aspects such as Social Networks, Forums, and more. I recommend joining ALL of these in order to reach as many people as possible and stay informed.


The Liberty Independence Alliance - This is a social network I started as bipartisan effort for Liberty minded people from all parties and faiths to unite. Come join the LIA and write blogs and post in the forum. This is a fairly new network, as the members grow I will be holding blog contests and video competitions in order to give an incentive to create Liberty minded media. - This is a blog network for Liberty focused Blogs

Ron Paul Related: - This is the heart of the Ron Paul grassroots, pretty much almost all Grassroots efforts usually found their start on this forum. If your not on this forum, you going to be the last in on the latest news and efforts. - This a Ron Paul social network hosted on, it has 650+ members that write new blog articles constantly, this is a great Ron Paul resource. - This is a Ron Paul Social News site ala

Blogs and Information
These are blogs and more informative sites that have information to keep you up to date on the issues and candidates.

General: - This is the blog from the American Constituion Society.

US Economy - Blog on about US Economic indicators and what they mean - A General blog about the economy, politics, etc.

Ron Paul Related: - This is a blog by Trevor Lyman if I'm correct about different politicans across America running on the Ron Paul Platform. - Daily news on the Ron Paul world

SO COME ON PEOPLE, get to it, let's keep the revolution going!!!

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