Sunday, December 2, 2007

#8 - Another Straw Poll Another Day

Hey Guys,

Once again Ron Paul wins a Straw Poll1 how many of these things do we have to win before people realize we are for real. What makes this one so interesting is the amount of ballots cast which is a lot higher than your typical straw poll which really shows high voter motivation and can be a good indicator of supporter turnout. While Ron Pauls supporter turnout may be high, let's hope large amount of Ron Paul supporters exceeds a moderate amount of the opponents.

Ron Paul will be on the View on Tuesday, and will also be in the Spanish language debate on Univision on December 9th. The Univision debate will be a unique forum, especially since Huckabee and Tancredo won't be in the mix giving all the candidates more airtime. Another thing to worry about is how will the candidates rhetoric translate since there will be translators serving that function, and we know Ron Paul is pretty high vocabulary kind of guy.

I'm sponsoring another Ron Paul Video Contest, this is to help motivate some more Ron Paul media and get some attention to the Liberty Independence Alliance social network. I will be running similar contests on the network regularly and will be having featured discussions in the forums such as the first one on Iran.

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