Sunday, December 2, 2007

#10 - The Univision Debate, The Latino Vote

Hey Guys,

Today on the Ron Paul forums we were talking about the upcoming spanish language debate on Univision. I made some flyers for the event to be passed out in spanish and posted them on thefacebook Ron Paul group and I got an interesting comment about what Ron Paul offers the Latino community.

David Huerta (Phoenix, AZ) wrote
at 4:43pm
Ron Paul has so much to offer to Latin America, in terms of not strong-arming their governments into corruption via the CIA, not making them dependent on reserves of fiat currency, ending unfair trade policies that cripple the free-market production of corn in Mexico (thus causing immigration of Mexican farmers to US farms), and ending the countless loss of life in Latin America due to the drug war. Support for a mere fence on the Mexican border is hardly enough to deter the Spanish-speaking vote away from Dr. Paul. Viva la Revolucion!

I though this brings up some really great new points on helping demonstrate the many reasons why a Ron Paul presidency is important to domestic and foreign prosperity.

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