Monday, December 3, 2007

#15 - The NAFTA superhighway

Hey Guys,

Funny now we see all of the government trying to hide the fact about actual bills and plans to build this superhighway to discredit Ron Pauls stance against Globalism. After watching this two part video, I never thought I'd be glad that socialist Hugo Chavez was in power, but I am glad that he destroyed their efforts for a North American Union.

Here are the Videos: Part 1 - Part 2

So the question your probably asking is, "whats wrong with Globalism and a North American Union?".

- Not Real Free Trade: these agreements are not true free trade, any time a body like these decide the terms of trade you are adding influences to the free market which will cause wealth to shift unnaturally benefiting those in power and destroying opportunities for those who do not have power and wealth. In true free trade, there are no barriers to entry so competition is plentiful which creates a demand for innovation to succeed which promotes growth. To see a system like this in action, look up Switzerland.

- Violates Sovereignty: Unions like this over time grow and expand authority over trade. If you control the trade between nations you control the economy of those nations, he who controls the wealth has true power. This body now has the economic influence to cause the nations in the union to act against their best interest, similar to a workers union.

Globalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism philosophically are noble but practically have been shown time and time again to fail. Non-interventionism and Austrian Economics in many nations have been proven to work, again look at Switzerland.


1 comment: said...

It's amazing how powerless we really are when you read about things like NAFTA and the Amero.

So why do people struggle and fight for "freedom"?

The only freedom you have is in your mind. Everything else can be taken away at the snap of a finger.

Just live YOUR life and have fun.


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