Tuesday, December 4, 2007

#16 - Ron Paul and the Internet/Environment

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As I've written in my marketing blog, Ron Pauls success on the internet and among people is not part of some new strategy but the results of a logical, credible, and authentic message. Another reason he's got internet savvy fans behind him is because he is against regulation of the internet in any way, even NET NEUTRALITY. Ron Paul believes, and I agree, that even this would set a precedent that governments have a jurisdiction over the internet which he thinks they shouldn't have.

Although in a Ron Paul world many of the barriers to entry in starting your own ISP would be removed which means there would be more competition in ISPs. So essentially, sure if AT&T started filtering out content you'd be free to switch over to a more palatable ISP. So essentially ISPs would not filter their bandwidth in an effort to stay in business due to high competition. Honestly with barriers to entry gone don't be surprised to see asian firms come put in that fiber optic network we've all been wanting. This would be putting some pressure on our domestic ISPs to finally stop delaying catching up with the rest of the world. This phenomenon is called free market pressures/forces and will work best if there is NO government intervention domestic or foreign, as we like to call it, Non-interventionism.

Interestingly enough this is how Ron Paul answers environmental questions, the free market. Like for example alternative fuels, where corn subsidies create an artificial viability for Corn ethanol. Hemp ethanol is 4 times as efficient and sugarcane is also a less explored option due to these subsidies. Even without those alternatives, if you remove the subsidies on oil and let the true market price be what's at the gas pump, you'd have a complete revolt against oil use. Car and oil companies would be in quite a rush to shift over to a new fuel before they lose all their business cause of prohibitive prices, which is the same effect as a Carbon tax without the actual tax part.

The free market is a powerful thing, but it's effect on the US is undermined through subsidies, foreign aid, trade agreements, wars, and a bevy of other issues that are quite easily resolved not only idealistically but practically as well.

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d3f111163@yahoo.com said...

It'll be difficult for Ron Paul to change all the crap that the past governments have created.

I wonder how long Ron Paul will survive as President when eliminating billions, if not trillions, of profit for big business.


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