Wednesday, December 5, 2007

19# - GOP Continually Slights Ron Paul

Hey Guys,

Once again the GOP has accused the Ron Paul camp of "having too many supporters" and canceled another straw poll. We've seen this happen a couple times, where they say since Ron Paul has so many supporters show up to the poll it wouldn't be fair? How does this make any sense, straw polls are supposed to be an indicator of turnout and if anything the Ron Paul camp has shown time and time again that they'll turnout in mass, and will pay to vote for Ron Paul gladly. So Ron Paul actually having people who like to vote for him is now being declared unfair by the GOP in the last few straw polls, many times just canceling the straw polls.

I'm just glad someone pointed out this video of Ron Paul doing well in a straw poll by the democrats which is hilarious. Now apparently the GOP has taken the medium of voice we had within the electoral structure now it's time to fight back harder than ever by taking over your local GOP. Join committees, get involved and let's reform the party from the inside out. Freedom can't wait forever, it's now or never.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by the fact that they cancel a straw poll, because of "too many supporters".

You can tell that the dinner was biased towards Fred Thompson by viewing a HUGE Fred Thompson 2008 banner on the wall.

Ron Paul in 2008 or your freedom. You decide.

-Diana Moneymaker

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