Tuesday, December 4, 2007

18# - A Ron Paul Email, A Fight for Freedom

Hey Everyone,

The race is coming down to Huckabee vs. Ron Paul, with Romney and Giuliani continuing to plummet, and the lukewarmness of the Mccain and Thompson campaigns, only two are left still showing upward poll movement, Huckabee and Ron Paul. Huckabee may have prematurely hit his peak or will be soon, yet Ron Paul is still showing upward movement. So please help in this last month push for the Iowa/New Hampshire primaries and email all your friends.

I prepared the following email for you guys to send to your friends in hopes of getting them to join the revolution.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello Americans,

As you know we're stuck in this Iraq war and for years we've been waiting for an opportunity to elect someone who will end it. Sadly, the democrats have failed us offering us Hillary who will leave bases and troops in Iraq and do very little to cut the spending overseas that is killing our economy and devaluing the US dollar. The democratic nomination is all but official, but with the overwhelming lead Clinton has she will surely be running in the general election. This leaves us with dim hope of restoring our country to the values of the US constitution. Amazingly, there is a glimmer of hope in the race for the republican nomination which is split almost even among 6 candidates, Ron Paul. Ron Paul has proven he has a chance of winning the nomination by raising more money than any of the other candidates without taking money from special interest or party matching funds. He can win, but he needs your vote, and needs you to help spread the message of freedom and liberty. We can only do this if you reach inside yourself and restore your hope in the America dream, a hope that may have faded from years of abuse by our government.

Help Give Freedom One More Chance

What does a Ron Paul America look like?

- A Strong National defense since our troops all around the world will be brought home so they can protect America, and cut billions of dollars off our deficit from overseas spending
(A president has authority to do this as Commander and Chief and would be done immediately if Ron Paul is president)

- A Non-interventionist foreign policy of commerce and friendship with other nations, unlike our current policy of giving other countries our money and troops to serve special interests

- Cheaper Quality health insurance by restricting barriers that prevent competition such as buying insurance across state lines.

- A world without an income tax, where the government can return to the spending levels of 1997 and stop controlling your income

- A world with strong gold/silver backed competing currencies that won't devalue, essentially stopping the government from stealing your money cause of runaway government spending causing inflation

Go to http://www.RonPaul2008.com now and learn more about Ron Paul.

A video about this Hope for America: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FG2PUZoukfA

PLEASE Register to vote in the republican primaries so we can at least have one true anti-war candidate come November, register to vote @:

Join us on December 16th for Teaparty07.com, which will be a day in political history, Help us in changing the direction of our country.

Forward this email to everyone you know, and let Freedom Spread!

- Alex Merced
Writer of the Blog: Cause of Freedom

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