Tuesday, December 11, 2007

#34 - Rasmuseen, Mccain 9%, Kucinich 3%?

There are many things we got to take into consideration in these reports. Since these are daily each day reflects an entirely different group of polled "likely voters". I know this confuses people on how Ron Paul could of been at 8% a week ago and 5% today, and lot of this is due to caller rotation and I predict that Ron Paul will be at 9% at the end of the week. If you look at the weekly aggregate of last weeks polling, Ron Paul still has a strong 6%+ trend. What's really interesting is the continual drop of Romney, Thompson, and Mccain. I expect Ron Paul to be 3rd in this national poll by the end of the month, especially after the events of this sunday. All in all these polls provide some fun material for my daily blogging.

I usally don't mention of the democratic race since they don't believe the 2nd and 10th amendment exist which I'll get into later. Interestingly, Kucinich has polled 3% today which got him mentioned which doesn't usally happen thought that was worth noting. For the record if I had to choose the lesser of evils on the democratic pool of Nods, I'd choose Bill Richardson but I rather write Ron Paul in or not vote than vote for any of the current crop.

Anyone who knows me, knows I used to be a staunch democrat cause I generalized and believed it was the party of Civil Rights and helping the little guy. The more I learned about economics the more I began to distance myself from the left, then after hearing Ron Paul speak it was the nail in the coffin affirming something I knew inside all these years, I'm not a democrat. I have since read and learned volumes on Austrian Economics, Individualism, and the US Constitution and history to actually understand the issues and no longer say to myself "that sounds about right" . I now actually know deep in my heart what history and logic saids it the best way to have a free society.

As I mentioned before, I have problems with the democrats and their attitude that good intentions are above the law by pushing legislation that violates 2nd and 10th amendment rights. You may not agree with the amendments, and that's fine, so then you should push for another amendment to fix that not just bypass the law. Not agreeing with the democratic party does not make you selfish or uncompassionate, much to the contrary.

I'll end now and save some anger for later after that delightful tangent.

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