Tuesday, December 11, 2007

#33 - Rick Frey is a Ron Paul American for Congress

In the efforts of the Liberty independence Alliance and myself, I introduce you to Rick Frey who is running for US Representative in the 10th Congressional district of Texas. So if your from Texas and your reading this, this is a chance to get more Ron Paul like people in congress. With a Ron Paul presidency it is vital for the Freedom Movement to get behind people like Frey not later, but now to leverage as much power as possible to make the changes this country needs.
Keep posted as I will be posting every occasion on the people who want to push this Movement to forefront of US politics. The silence ends here, and Freedom begins NOW!
- Alex Merced

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wess said...

Thanks for posting a link to Rick Frey's website. We are adding a link to your site as well.

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