Tuesday, December 11, 2007

#32 - Ron Pauls People Ball (a call to action): 50 Rallys for the WIN!

Hey Guys,

All us Ron Paul supporters there have been fighting the good fight and for the most part I would say we've won the battle of awareness, and the momentum is set for a continual flow of new supporters. After this sunday, December 16th, we will have proven our point in fundraising and have raised all the money needed for the primaries. Now the people need to see our faces united on the ground more than ever as we get our energy up along with registering voters. While this all started as a small ball rolling up a hill, the ball has gotten bigger as it's fought all the forces of nature trying to hold it back and now it's time for it to roll through every major city in America.


Get in contact with your states Meet-up groups and start planning a big rally for your states supporters late January, 50 rallys for the win! Building up to this rally the key thing to do is register voters, get their contact information so we can remind them to vote. So register your friends, have them register their friends.

Coordinate it with this effort

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