Monday, December 10, 2007

#31 - What is a vote for Ron Paul?

Catholic Analysis of Ron Paul

This analysis is a great listen for those who don't understand the dynamics of Ron Pauls campaign. Although there are some fundamental questions brought up by the hosts of this podcast?

Are we obliged to vote someone like us?

This is what annoys me when Catholics vote for Rudy cause he's pressumedly catholic but don't know what he stand for, same for women with Hillary, and Blacks with Obama. You are only obliged to vote based on your principles, and to not vote based on your principles and the US constitution you'd be condoning the downward spiral of the US economy and right to representation.

What if I waste my vote?

It is impossible to waste a vote, every vote tells the establishment, this is what's important to me. If Ron Paul doesn't win, his success and every vote he gets tells every politician that there is a changing attitude in the US, that there are votes behind ideas people though would kill someone politically. Only by having votes behind these ideas can we expect the government to ever embrace these ideas.

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