Saturday, December 8, 2007

#30 - Ron Paul and the War on Drugs

Ron Paul on the War on Drugs

In this video we see Ron Paul put forth pretty well his point of view on the War on Drugs, and how drugs are a medical problem and not criminal problem. Much of Ron Paul 1988 Libertarian run centered around this issue, not cause this was his primary issue, but the media always likes to make a story out of everything. The best example is Ron Pauls appearance on the Morton Downey Jr. show, which I won't link to cause it's a very painful thing to watch, though Paul put up a very good fight on the show.

What I'd like to talk about is the economic implications of ending the war on drugs. First off, the end of the black market on drugs (almost all of it). The Black Market on drugs is an economic structure that funds local gangs, drug cartels, and international terrorists. If we can cut of funding to these kinda of violent group and rid the world of a lot strife while at the same time bring jobs and economic growth, why not?

Economic Growth, how? Well now that the black market is gone, we can produce crops like Opium and Hemp which opens up new jobs and opportunities, and also let's these cheaper drugs be regulated by the state similar alcohol. Milton Friedman was big on ending the war on drugs.

With so many non violent actions no longer criminalize these people can continue to find jobs where they can be productive members of society instead of being a tax burden in the state pen. These non violent criminals typically become violent from being forced to spend years with murderers and rapists.

Not sold yet?

Here is a video of Ron Paul talking about the War on Drugs effect on Minorities.

Also if we have Hemp legalized, it'd make a great new fuel source

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